"Tobacco products for real men who don't go to the doctors or read fear-mongering, left-wing so-called medical propaganda."
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Redwood Cigarettes are a tobacco company featured in the 3D Universe and HD Universe. The player can buy stocks from them on the website in Grand Theft Auto V.


It has appeared in numerous billboards and advertisements throughout the radio. There are also numerous branches of the company, particularly in Vice City. The logo font and package design largely parodies the Marlboro brand. Their main headquarters is located in Downtown Vice City and is also the highest building in Vice City. The company is the official sponsor of the Los Santos City Marathon and the #86 Bati Custom motorcycle in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

In Grand Theft Auto IV and its DLC's, there is a website for Redwood Cigarettes which can be accessed using any computer. On the website, a cowboy is featured on the top banner, a reference to the Marlboro Man. There is also a billboard poster for Redwood Cigarettes in Cerveza Heights, as of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Several Redwood crates are located inside the Chase Point Warehouse.

Company Activities

Redwood Cigarettes is shown to have existed as far back as 1947, where they advertised smoking for children, as well as having used product placement in an episode of Gordon Moorehead Rides Again. Their vintage mascot appears to have been a stereotypical red-faced Indian (a nod to the use of Native Americans in vintage cigarette advertising). By 2013, they seem to be involved in corrupt political practices, hiring four corrupt jurors to defend the company at a hearing.

Like its real-life counterparts, Redwood is also involved in sponsoring racing activities, lampshaded in the livery of some Bati Custom bikes and having its name in the Redwood Lights Track, a place popular for off-road races. 

Redwood Juniors

In 1984, during the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the company introduced Redwood Juniors, a brand of candy cigarettes intended to market the real product towards children. Each pack contains 20 candy cigarettes. There are many Redwood Juniors billboards and benches throughout Vice City, featuring the slogan "Junior's Gotta Start Sometime!". There is also a large replica of a Redwood Juniors box atop the Verdi Groceries store in Little Havana.

In the HD Universe, Redwood Juniors are still advertised in the company's webite.

Events of GTA Online

When playing Grand Theft Auto Online, the player may smoke Redwoods at any given time in the game. All the player needs to do is to buy a pack of them in any store. One package of ten cigarettes costs six dollars, and smoking will damage the player's health. However, the damage is so small, it's completely negligible.

As of the GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, the player can smuggle special crates containing Blêuter'd champagne and Redwood cigarettes.

Events of GTA V

During the storyline, Redwood is facing a big lawsuit against their cigarettes. They have paid off four jurors to testify in their favor during the trial. Lester then sends Franklin to kill the 4 corrupt jurors in the mission The Multi Target Assassination. With all 4 of the jurors dead, Redwood loses the lawsuit, making their stocks suffer a huge drop in value.

Stock Tip

After completing the mission The Multi Target Assassination, invest all the money of the protagonists in Redwood stocks, wait 2-3 days until their price returns to the pre-mission value, and sell all their stocks for a 300% return.