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This page is about the references to the GTA Series in the real world.


  • On The Simpsons Movie, Homer plays a game called "Grand Theft Walrus".
  • In Season 18 Episode 14 of The Simpsons, Bart plays a game called "Grand Theft Auto: Dark City Stories", maybe a reference to GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories (Not Exactly).
  • The Simpsons Hit and Run has a lot of features like Grand Theft Auto, including the fact that "Grand Theft Auto" and "Hit and Run" both being vehicle crimes.
  • In Season 13 Episode 3 of South Park  "Margaritaville", Cartman does a favor for Kyle and Stan in exchange for a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
  • Once again in The SimpsonsThe Simpsons Game contains a level called Grand Theft Scratchy. Grand Theft Scratchy is also seen at the E4 (supposed to be E3) convention in season 23's 5th episode, The Food Wife.
  • On an episode of Family Guy where Peter crashes his car, Lois makes him play Grand Theft Auto for 8 hours, which follows with him hitting a prostitute with a baseball bat and then stealing a car. Link to it here.
  • There is a reference to it in Season 7 of Scrubs here.
  • In some episodes of the Johnny Test series, Johnny and Dukey are sometimes seen playing a game called "Grand Theft Zombie".
  • In two episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball, on The Mystery, Principal Brown and Miss Simian got run over by the ambulance. Also, an episode called The Job, which has the same name and title, but only a story.
  • In the sketch show MadTV, there are 2 sketches referencing Grand Theft Auto. One is an advertisement for a board game version of the game, which can be seen here. The other is a game show type format of Grand Theft Auto, which can be seen here.


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