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The Remington is a two-door lowrider featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



The Remington is depicted as a 1970s two-door coupe, modified into a lowrider; accordingly, some Remingtons come equipped with hydraulics. The Remington generally resembles a 1977 or 1978 Lincoln Continental Town coupe (as identified by the grille and chrome), but with unhidden headlamps, and a baroque stylized rear.


Performance wise, the vehicle may be described as average. With a rear wheel drive, very low ground clearance and moderately powerful engine, the Remington has an average-to-good top speed, but is susceptible to tailspins when cornering; it is best suited for urban travel, and not to be raced off road. It can sustain quite an impressive amount of damage, and slow collisions do not seem to damage the frame too much.

A flameproof Remington can be found during the mission "High Stakes, Low Rider" for Cesar Vialpando.



Several combinations of modifications that can be given to Remingtons from Loco Low Co..

Being a lowrider, Remingtons may be modified further at Loco Low Co. in Willowfield, Los Santos. The Remington boasts unique customizations featuring chrome skull-adorned bumpers to complement the car's baroque design.


  • The default radio station in the Remington is Radio Los Santos.
  • Dwaine and Jethro are often seen working on a Remington during the garage missions in San Fierro.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV a Remington can be found in a garage within South Bohan that Niko Bellic must blow up for Faustin, but is in the process of being worked on and therefor cannot be driven
  • On the beta of GTA San Andreas, the Remington was a convertible which its not shown on final version but it can be turn on as a mod.


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