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"Remote controlled sniper system."
―Unused Ammu-Nation description.

The Remote Sniper is a high-powered sniper rifle that appears Grand Theft Auto V.


The weapon is a modified Heavy Sniper placed on a gun mount. The weapon is only used during the mission "Caida Libre", where the player has to shoot down a Shamal with the sniper; it is subsequently destroyed with the van it is transported in. This weapon cannot be obtained in free-roam without modifications.


This weapon features a high-tech scope that can zoom a lot further than any Sniper Rifle or even its counterpart and also shows wind direction. The Remote Sniper allows for accurate shots, as it does not sway in the wind. This rifle has a much faster rate of fire than the Heavy Sniper and even a Pistol if the player press the trigger repeatedly. The player cannot obtain the gun after the plane has been downed in "Caida Libre", because the doors close and the option to control the gun is no longer available. The Remote Sniper does much less damage compared to the Heavy Sniper's (101 vs 216), though the Sniper Rifle does the same damage as the former, which hints to be less intended to be powerful, but extremely accurate and has long range.

GTA V Overview

Rate of fire

(Rounds per minute)

Reload speed

(Time taken to reload)

Damage per shot Effective range

240 RPM

This weapon is never reloaded





  • The remote sniper is the second weapon in the Grand Theft Auto series to be exclusive to one particular mission, the first being the Camera in GTA Vice City.
  • A unused Ammu-Nation description in the files suggests that the weapon would be available for purchase at one point, but it was changed to be mission-exclusive. Another theory is that it would be part of an unknown setup of the mission, though it was never seen.
  • The remote sniper is similar to the weapon that Bruce Willis uses in the movie The Jackal.[1]



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