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Report Confirms Liberty has NO Tourist Industry is a report written by Mark Reed that is published in the Liberty Tree newspaper in March 2001.


Liberty has been quoted as 'the last place on Earth' many Americans would like to spend their vacations. Liberty enjoys some of the highest unemployment figures, annually fails Clean Air targets and has emergency services that are 'stretched to the limits' dealing with gang related crime.

But it is not all doom and gloom for the city - once one of America's most important centers of commerce. A series of aid packages from central government will see several major construction projects come to fruition this year in a bid to attract business and employment back to the city.

However, this process has been criticized by local crime experts. "Any construction project must deal with local crime problems, but Liberty is an extreme case. There isn't a square foot of Liberty that isn't gang territory and we estimate up to 30% of the total project budgets have found their way into the coffers of organized crime. We think any number of criminal groups are profiting out of Liberty's misery, while police corruption is rife." On a more positive note, it was unseasonably warm yesterday.

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