Republican Space Rangers
Game(s) Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Channel Weazel
Main Character(s) Commander
"Republican Space Rangers! Shoot first; ask questions NEVER!"
―The RSR Motto

Republican Space Rangers is a cartoon show that runs on Weazel. It can be watched in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


The plot consists of three Caucasian redneck American men who patrol the universe in a spacecraft, searching for and eliminating what they perceive to be threats to America. This is the first cartoon show in the GTA series. It has a mix of satirical humor, graphic violence, offensive language, racism and use of drugs. All the cartoons have a very stereotypical conservative view on life. The members of the crew (all male) also seem to have sexual desires for one another, which parodies stereotypical closeted homosexuals among Republicans.

The show is a parody of modern American foreign policy, especially in Iraq. It also makes fun of American patriotism, Americans' belief in the United States' superiority, as well as exaggerated conservative and, in the case of the "Homecoming" episode, liberal stereotypes.

The show also has its own website on the in-game internet in GTA V:


The Cast

Character Description Image
Commander He is the leader of the squad and the only true neoconservative character in the series. He is always seen with a cigar in his mouth, even while sleeping. He shows despise to social networking, saying that "a real man hates himself silently". The Commander wields a 4-barrel rotary plasma gun with 7 "confirmed kill" stickers. He is voiced by Bill Lobley in all four appearances. Commander100
Dick Dick seems to be second in command. He has a mustache and wears a red headband. Wields a 3-barreled machine gun. He hero-worships the Commander and always makes suggestive comments. He is a closeted homosexual, and had sexual desires for him and Private Luke. Dick proclaims that he was raised on a farm and hides the fact he was molested by his uncle. He is voiced by Lloyd Floyd in all four appearances. Dick100
Butch Butch is the tall, obese pilot of the ship who wields two 3-barreled machine guns. He has a hillbilly-esque voice and is the dumbest of the three. He drools excessively when he talks, and his helmet's visor has his own spit on it. Butch's stupidity is often exemplified by groupthink actions and his primitive desire to kill on sight, even though he "don't really like that". He becomes a fan of blogging and the internet by Episode 456. He is voiced by Jim Conroy in all four appearances. Butch
Vanessa She is ranked First Sergeant and is the first female member of the team. Although she wasn't greeted kindly by Commander during their first encounter, Vanessa isn't seen offended anymore as the story goes. She is the least talkative person in the group and shares some visual similarities to the Commander. Vanessa wields a one-handed plasma blaster. She is voiced by Jen Cohn in her latest appearance. Vanessa
Luke Luke is ranked Private and is the only openly homosexual person in the squad. Not much is known about him, but he was said to be a responsible soldier and a war veteran, however this was all dismissed by Commander and Luke is later killed by him at Dark Matter Mall. He is voiced by Adam Sietz in his only appearance. Luke

Theme Song

"Republican Space Rangers!
Intergalactic war on terror,
We don't worry 'bout collateral damage or error!
cause we're nuking hate, we're spreading freedom and liberty!
Sometimes we kill with undue glee (Oh, was that your home? Sorry!)
Gotta complete the mission!
Impossibly deny extraordinary rendition!
Spreading American values, sometimes you gotta bomb an orphanage or two!
Republican Space Rangeeeeeeeers!"

The Ranger Pledge

"Oh I'm a Space Ranger!
A Ranger tough and strong.
On my honor, I will do my best,
and never try to get along
Oh I'm a Space Ranger!
Behold the end of my gun
You better learn God speaks English,
your pathetic culture we shun
Oh I'm a Space Ranger!
For God and Country I'll die
I pay no attention to human rights,
laws and rules just don't apply
Oh I'm a Space Ranger!
Keeping the universe safe from you
Gay sex is an abomination,
but two hot lesbians will always do!"




  • The Rangers' suits resemble MJOLNIR armor from the Halo series. As well, their ship gets caught by a Halo Ring-like object in the second episode. Also, the fact that Dick hero-worships Commander may be a reference to the popular Halo-based machinima series Red vs. Blue, in which the character Dick Simmons is seen as a "kiss-ass" toward Sarge, his Commander. One of their weapons also resembles the MA5B assault rifle used in Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • Their spaceship is phallic in shape, continuing the tradition of phallic images appearing in GTA games. The missile heads are red and embedded within the nose cone, bearing resemblence to an infected glans.  Also, the missiles fired from the ship are shaped like sperm. This is further referenced in Episode 456, where Dick and Commander are fired out the front, Dick yelling: "I'm goin' out like I began!"
  • The Edmund and Fitzgerald brothers may be a parody of the real-life multi-billionaire Koch Brothers.
  • The Coffee Grinder Party may be a parody of the American Tea Party, a conservative party.
  • President Zane's head closely resembles a mix of a buttocks and a scrotum (parodying Morbo from Futurama), while his wife's face is shaped like a female genitalia.
    • Additionally, President Zane's wife is dressed similarly to Jackie Kennedy, John F. Kennedy's wife, during JFK's assassination.
  • During the mission Heavy Toll, Johnny Klebitz insults Malc on how his gang dresses, quipping that they dress like the Republican Space Rangers.
  • Pißwasser was mentioned in the first episode as "generous donations" while Patriot Beer is inferred by Dick in "Homecoming".
  • The hovering robot that boards the RSR's ship in the episode "Homecoming" has a striking resemblance to a Probe Droid from the Star Wars series, and also bears a resemblance to the Mister Handy model featured in the Fallout 3 and New Vegas video games.
  • The sound that the RSR's ship makes when starting up has the same sound effect as the Medigun from the game Team Fortress 2.
  • In "Homecoming", the trio arrives at Fort Flaccid, flaccid being a term for an unerect penis.
  • At the end of "Homecoming", Commander, a burly space marine, is bleeding out on the ground while shouting "revive me!" This may have been a nod to the protagonists of the the Gears of War series who act similarly when injured.
  • In episode 456, when Butch is talking to the alien outside of the ship, he refers to the other two rangers as "Butch and the Commander", when he should have said "Dick and the Commander". This might be a testament to his stupidity, or a simple mistake by his voice actor.
  • In Episode 456, the alien that Butch leaves Dick and The Commander for says "life is complicated", to which Butch replies "I know, I saw the commercial" may reference the teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV as Niko's narration opens with this line.
  • In Homecoming, Dick states that his favorite beer is Patriot Beer, however, empty Pißwasser beer bottles are seen near him in the shooting scene.
  • In Homecoming, the Commander suggests a password to start up the ship, "Clown's Pocket", but it doesn't work. This is also the name of a casino in Las Venturas, as well as a crude term for a slack vagina.
  • The rangers never take off their armor, even when they sleep.
  • Interestingly, the amount of "Kill Count" stickers on Butch's and Commander's guns increased as of Episodes 456 and Homecoming.
  • In the GTA V gameplay trailer, a brief segment features a man dressed in a Ranger costume fighting another mascot (who turns out to be Impotent Rage, another in-game cartoon character) in front of the Oriental Theater.
  • The Commander can be seen in front of the Oriental Theater, on Vinewood Boulevard. (see gallery)
  • The opening to the Homecoming episode is very similar to the opening sequence to the movie Aliens.
    • Vanessa also appears very similar in both appearance and name to Jenette Vasquez, a female Colonial Marine from the film.
    • Further references to the movie include Butch mentioning a "cat running around," which is referring to the cat that survived in the first movie.
  • A billboard of the show appears in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
  • Lester Crest owns some Republican Space Ranger action figures. 
  • Sometimes the clerk in Ammu-Nation in GTA V will state that he loves this show.