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The Western Motorcycle Company Revenant is a chopper style motorcycle in The Lost and Damned episodic game for Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Revenant is one of multiple choppers that is in fact available in GTA IV's game files, normally unavailable unless modding is involved. Being a pre-release element, the "beta" Revenant sports various cosmetic differences, including the inclusion of a small fairing and rear suspensions which are omitted in the TLAD version.

The Revenant is based on the Harley Davidson V-rod Night rod special


Similar to the Harley-Davidson V-Rod, the Revenant is designed as a sleek chopper, distinguished by a stocky and modernized body design, as well as "dish" rims (a feature exclusive only to the bike, similar to V-Rod). While still retaining the same heavy weight as other choppers (300kg), the Revenant is the fastest chopper available, with a top speed of 228 km/h and improved acceleration (matching the raw stats of the Bati 800, Double T and Hakuchou).

Notable owners

  • The Lost MC president Billy Grey rides a black Revenant, which was custom built for him by fellow club members Johnny Klebitz and Angus Martin. During "This Shit's Cursed", Billy crashed his bike and was arrested by the police. It is unknown what happened to his bike after this, though it is possible that it was impounded by the police.
  • Following the same mission, Johnny can phone Clay Simons to have a Revenant sent to his location.



  • The default radio station for the Revenant is Liberty Rock Radio.
  • Even though the Revenant is used by the Lost MC, it is listed as an Angels of Death bike during multiplayer races. A possible reason for this is that Billy's Revenant was offered to the Angels of Death as a peace offering by Johnny before the events of the game.
  • "Revenant" is French for "spook".

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