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The Richman Mansion (more commonly known as The Playboy Mansion) is a large mansion in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is bordered by Americano Way to the south, West Eclipse Boulevard to the east and Picture Perfect Drive to the north in Richman, Los Santos, next to the golf course.

It features a pool/grotto, stone decorations, fountain, and stone bricks. At night, pink and blue lights are cast on the mansion's exterior walls from the ground. Sometimes topless, other times bikini-clad, girls can be seen mingling with men at the parties held each night on the property of the mansion. One of the topless dancers in the grotto will sometimes mention "Hef" to other party-goers, hinting to the Playboy Mansion's owner Hugh Hefner.

If playing in the single-player, the mansion plays no role in the game, making it technically an easter egg in that version of the game. The mansion grounds are not a restricted area and any character can explore the area at will.


The mansion's structure and exterior appearance is based on two real-life mansions: the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills and the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills. The front contains the entryway, porte cochere, and fountain area of the Greystone. The building architecture, window locations, etc. are all near-matches. Behind the house is the Playboy Mansion's famous grotto, and each night the grounds host a party that the characters can visit.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto Online



  • The cave in the backyard of the mansion bares a striking resemblance to the one in the house of the Canadian rapper Drake.
  • The cave is a location for a King of the Castle event

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