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Roadside Assistance is a cut mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mission is the part of Wang Cars line of side-missions. It would have taken place in between Test Drive and Customs Fast Track. The objective of the mission was supposedly to "recover" a Sultan.
GTA San Andreas Beta Missions 4 - Roadside Assistance03:57

GTA San Andreas Beta Missions 4 - Roadside Assistance


CJ is directed to steal a Sultan sedan that has been towed. The tow truck is positioned right in front of a train track, and a train is about to hit the Sultan being towed behind. The player must then get in the tow truck and move it out of harm's way before the train hits the Sultan. (This would of most likely failed the mission). The player would then gain a wanted level and be directed to drive back to the garage.


('Doherty Garage, Carl and Cesar)

Cesar : Let's head on over and see what we can see. You got shotgun, CJ!

(Cesar and Carl arrive at the train track)

Cesar : There it is, holmes! CJ, that train's gonna hit the car! We've gotta move the car outta the way!

(CJ inside the tow truck, Cesar still outside the car)

Cesar : Hang ten, CJ!

(CJ and Cesar inside the tow truck)

Cesar : Ok, CJ, let's get this rig back to the garage! The cops won't let you get away with this!


The reward for the completion of the mission is $500 and respect. After the mission finishes, there is a unused train model with opened cargo passing through the station in front of the garage. It is possible that this train will crash into the Sultan if the player is too slow to use the tow truck to take it away from the tracks.


  • The objective to retrieve a Sultan was re-used in the mission Test Drive.

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