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'''Rob's Liquor '''is a convenience store in [[Los Santos (HD Universe)|Los Santos]]. This business appears in [[Grand Theft Auto V]].
'''Rob's Liquor '''is a liquor and convenience store featured in [[Grand Theft Auto V]] and located in [[Murrieta Heights]], [[Los Santos (HD Universe)|Los Santos]].
== Description ==
Rob's Liqour is a liquor store... Presumably in [[South Los Santos]] as there is a [[Families]] member robbing it.
This store along with the [[24/7]] stores, LTD service stations around [[Los Santos (HD Universe)|Los Santos]] are all robbable... usually have a couple of hundred dollars in them according to leaked videos
* [[Murrieta Heights]] on [[Vespucci Boulevard]] in [[Los Santos (HD Universe)|Los Santos]].

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"Cheap & Beerful"
―Rob's Liquor

Rob's Liquor is a liquor and convenience store featured in Grand Theft Auto V and located in Murrieta Heights, Los Santos.



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