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Robberies are side missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. They provide the player with more money, but will also earn the player a Wanted Level.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In GTA Vice City, the player is able to hold up fifteen various stores and shops around the city. The player must rob all 15 stores across the city in order to achieve 100% Completion.

To start a robbery the player must enter a store and aim any firearm targeting reticule onto the cashier. When the player stops aiming at the clerk, he will sound the alarm and duck behind the counter, further intimidation yields no more money, but Ammu-Nation clerks will begin firing at the player. Continue aiming at the cashier until money appears on the counter, or, if the player is standing where the money is dropped, until the players cash count begins to increase. The amount of money the player receives and the wanted level attained depends on how long they persist holding the aim position on the cashier;

  • The first of four cash drops earns $50 and a delayed two stars.
  • The second cash drop earns an additional $100 (total $150) and an automatic two stars.
  • The third drop earns $250 (total $400) and an automatic maximum three star wanted level.
  • The fourth drop earns $600 (total $1000), having reached the maximum wanted level of three for robbery.

The player can rob nearby shops to the same degree without increasing their wanted level. The player may choose whether or not to shoot the clerk. The player can rank a single wanted star if he instantly kills the clerk with one shot after he drops the first bundle of cash. If he survives the player's threat or attack the alarm will instantly sound and the player will receive a minimum two-star wanted level, up to three stars max. The player may then take the cash and exit the store. The simple act of threatening the clerk until cash is dropped counts toward the 100% Completion required 15 robberies, even if the player leaves the money behind.


GTAVC Map Robbery

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Hint: It is possible to quickly progress, since three maximum stars are earned for any number of consecutive robberies, and Wanted Level stars are cleared after successful completion of Rampages. It is possible to combine robberies, such as inside the North Point Mall - Vinyl Countdown, Tooled Up, Zip and Family Jewels are easily robbed in one attempt and then commence the rampage just outside the East exit by running North across the street up the stairs to the spawning Body Armor in the shelter of the nearby corner wall.

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online


Trevor robbing a liquor store.

There are 20 stores that the player can rob through the San Andreas. To rob a convenience store, the player must enter one and draw a weapon, and aim it at the cashier so he becomes alarmed. The cashier will then begin to take money from the cash register and put it inside a plastic bag, which he will then drop over the counter so the player can pick it up. The plastic bag will contain something between $1,000 and $3,000, but the player will also have a one star wanted level upon completion of the robbery (two stars in GTA Online if the player points a gun at the clerk). If the player robs multiple stores in a short time, one after another, their wanted level will be higher after each robbery. The wanted level can go up to three, four and five if the player robs enough stores in one session without changing masks. Wearing a mask will prevent the player from being recognized on future visits.

In GTA Online, an "intimidation meter" is displayed at the lower right hand corner of the screen to indicate the time remaining until the cashier finishes putting all the money in the bag. The player may use their own voice to intimidate the cashier and make the meter fill faster. They can also shoot the groceries/drinks available for a higher intimidation if they don't have a mic. The higher the intimidation gauge, the faster they will fill the bag. The player can also rob the store with an empty gun, if the clerk hears the gun is empty he will pull out a Shotgun. This can also happen after the player robs the store and starts walking away. Random civilians in Online can also intervene and attempt to stop the robbery, this happens by chance, depending on whether there are people in the store or walking past the door.

Lastly, if the player enter a store without a clerk or if the clerk dies before he gets the register open, simply walk behind the counter and face the register until the prompt appears. Then, press Right on the D-pad to open the register and take the money. This method is much quicker than having to wait for the cashier to empty out the cash register into a bag, but the player will get one more wanted star if he does it this way, also the payout will be lower. This doesn't work on a second register, so the player will still need to shoot open the second register if there is one. 

Robbing all the stores earns the player the Stick Up Kid achievement/trophy and the Armed Robber award, with unlocks all variations of the "Clown with gun" back tattoo (award and tattoo progression incremented at 5, 10, 15 and 20 robberies).

The player can also hold up clothing shops and Tattoo Parlors by aiming any firearm at the cashier, but the cashier will instead take cover and lock the doors unless the player is inside. The player can break the counters using any firearm, earning between $50 and $200. These do not count towards the achievement.

Locations in GTA V and GTA Online

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