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Carl Johnson enters Ryder's House.
Carl Hey, Ryder! This nigga's loaded... Ryder!
Ryder Yeeaahh, CJ... Hey, CJ, tell me why I didn't finish high school.
Carl Because you been dealing drugs, man, since the age of ten!
Ryder No, that ain't it.
Carl Because you went and put hands on that teacher for wearing Ballas colors!
Ryder No, that ain't it either. It's 'cause I'm too intelligent for this shit, man. I am the real deal, fool. Oh yeah. A genius.
Carl Oh, oh yeah...
Ryder Who has more straps than anybody? Who has all the straps, huh?
Carl A man with a lot of guns? Shit, I give up.
Ryder The army, my nigga, the army! Let's go.
Carl Yeah... Yeah!
Ryder Go hit the wet, nigga.
Carl Get that outta my face, man.
Ryder Go hit the wet!
Carl You know I don't fuck with that, man. C'mon!
Ryder Busta!(not actually in subtitles.)
While in the van.
Ryder You think you can roll this van without killing us both?
Carl Hey, Ryder, where we going?
Ryder Ocean Docks.
Carl How we get this van? It wasn't outside when I came through.
Ryder My homie LB, he's like a clockwork ninja! Real dependable. Unlike some of you motherfuckers...
Carl Give it a rest, man! I lost my little brother, and now I lost my Moms.
Carl Don't matter how much shit this city throws at you, CJ, you gotta stick by your homies!
Carl Yeah, I guess...
They arrive at the destination.
Ryder This is the spot - National Guard Depot.

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