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Robert DeNegro is a ex-gangster, rap artist and voice actor who is mentioned in a news segment on Lithium FM in Grand Theft Auto 2. He was secretly admitted to hospital amid claims that his skin couldn't cope with the amount of metal piercings he had adorned his body with. DeNegro had denied claims he had a piercing problem.

Robert De Negro is apparently a real-life rap artist as, according to the game credits, he contributed vocals to two songs on the soundtrack (Negro Vs. Conner's "Showin' Me Love" and E=MC Good Times' "Jacking In Hilltown", all on KREZ). Three songs on the Grand Theft Auto 1 soundtrack (Da Shootaz's "Grand Theft Auto", Slumpussy's "This Life", and CCC Featuring Robert DeNegro's "Blow Your Console", all on N-CT FM). Also well as one song on the Grand Theft Auto III soundtrack (Da Shootaz's "Grand Theft Auto", heard on Lips 106). His name is a play on the actor Robert De Niro and the term negro. He voiced a Beatbox in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


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