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*[[AK-47]] - Just behind the store, a 30-30 ammo is awarded.
==See also==
==See also==

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Exterior of the food mart in Commerce. On the left, mounting the BMX automatically starts the challenge.


Roboi's Food Mart in Mulholland.


Roboi's Food Mart in Commerce.

Roboi's Food Mart is a convenience store chain located in Commerce and Mulholland, Los Santos. The interiors of both stores are 24/7 stores. The Commerce shop becomes an asset in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, after Carl Johnson completes a number of deliveries for the store. That store generates $2,000 at a maximum over time after completing the delivery missions and pays roughly $15,000 for the deliveries.


  • AK-47 - Just behind the store, a 30-30 ammo is awarded.

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