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Roboi's Food Mart Courier Mission

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The courier challenge at Roboi's Food Mart is basically a mission entered by getting on the BMX bike there, that once completed you will receive a large cash sum and Roboi's Food Mart will also become an Asset.

General: When you get on the bike you'll start the challenge and will have to speed around the map to various locations where you'll find a large floating corona. You will then need to throw a package into the corona. You do this by holding L2 or R2 to look at right or left, then hitting L1 or Circle (on PS2 version) or holding Q or E to look at right or left, then hitting LMB (on PC version) . If the package goes through the corona, move onto the next one. If you miss you can drive over it to pick it back up. You will need to get through 4 levels of deliveries in order to finish the mission.

If you drop a package and move on, the next package dropped will remove the previous one from the map. In other words, dropped packages are either picked up immediately or lost.

Avoid getting on the BMX and starting the challenge within sight of the police, or else you will have to contend with a one-star wanted level for stealing the bike (even though, presumably, Roboi has given you permission to take it).

The Mission Itself: Upon getting on the BMX you'll start the mission. You now have 6 items and must deliver to 3 of the coronas. Drive to those locations marked with a yellow blip on the radar and drive-by them to drop the package. Once they're all done, try to keep your remaining items as you'll be rewarded for them. Head back to Roboi's Food Mart where you'll start the next level and pick up more items. This time you need to deliver 4. Continue doing this and work your way through the levels. On the final level you'll need to deliver 6 items, however they are literally all over Los Santos, from one end to the other, so you need to pedal pretty fast to get there and back in time.

-Note: Falling/getting off of the bike will result in 20 seconds allotted to return to the bike. Not returning in sufficient time will end the mission, and every second that you are back on the bike after falling, the timer will gain one second until it reaches 20 again. Ex: Falling/getting off of the bike 4 times in immediate succession will end the mission.

Similar missions need to be done in San Fierro and Las Venturas later in the game, however they are marginally easier due to the fact that Carl uses motorized transport.


  • With at least a slightly upgraded bike skill, and pausing to check the map before tackling the coronas, the mission will be very easy and very rewarding to both those who just started the game, and those who have already progressed through all of the cities.
  • During the mission, Carl is still subject to attack by enemy gang members. For that reason it's advisable to do the mission fairly early on before gang warfare becomes an issue, take over all the territory, or at least ensure Carl has full armor and health before attempting it (which is also advisable as Carl may take damage if the BMX is struck by another vehicle during the mission).

Mission Layout

  • Level 1 - Items Held: 6 | Deliver 3 Packages Time given: Approx. 2m:30s
  • Level 2 - Items Held: 6 | Deliver 4 Packages Time given: 5:00 minutes
  • Level 3 - Items Held: 7 | Deliver 5 Packages Time given: 5:00 minutes
  • Level 4 - Items Held: 8 | Deliver 6 Packages Time given: 10:00 minutes


  • Money Earned On Deliveries

-For each level it is based upon time left plus items held. Bonus for maximum-items-held at the end of each level is thus:

  1. $300 for a total of around $1000.
  2. $200 for a total of around $2300.
  3. $200 for a total of around $5700.
  4. $200 for a total of around $4300.

It is estimated that the missions can be worth around $15,000.

(As you can see, each package left is worth $100.)

  • Roboi's Food Mart has been Acquired as an Asset.

Accumulation as an Asset: The Food Mart will accumulate like all assets, and will accumulate up to $2000 over time. The asset will continue to be available even after the events of The Green Sabre which temporarily shuts down the other Los Santos' cash-generating asset point, the Johnson Safehouse.

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