"Playground for the rich and famous - and for fat Midwestern tourists to come and gawp at the rich and famous on bus tours -- Rockford Hills has the highest concentration of silicone and new-money douchebags in bad marriages trying to spend their way to happiness in Los Santos."
―GTA V digital manual.

Rockford Hills is an affluent district in northern Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. The area also contains the smaller neighbourhood of Burton.



Rockford Hills sign.

Rockford Hills can be divided into two sections: northern end and southern end. The northern end consists of mostly residential homes and a small street with fancy restaurants. The southern end is dedicated to shopping and is also where Portola Drive is located. The Rockford Hills City Hall is located at the centre, just across the street from Mount Zonah Medical Center. The fire station and police station are situated here as well. In the east, the Rockford Plaza serves as the shopping centre to obtain overpriced clothing.

Rockford Hills is home to the many rich, retired people who are struggling with relationship issues and aren't young anymore to make it into the Vinewood pop culture scene. The district contains high-end mansions, most of them built using Spanish-style architecture, a common styling for mansions in real-life Beverly Hills. Almost all of the mansions in Rockford Hills have a gate, a swimming pool, and a tennis court.


The district is based on Beverly Hills, California for its mansions and luxury lifestyle, with elements from Century City . Rockford Hills contains many corporate buildings and retail outlets that are based on real life buildings and outlets in Beverly Hills. Even though the real Beverly Hills is a city separate from Los Angeles, Rockford Hills is part of Los Santos.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

The area is a setting for many missions in the game, particularly those which start or occur at Michael's mansion. Few missions during the game don't start at the mansion, but take place there, the most notable are:

  • Complications : Where Simeon orders Franklin to secretly invade the mansion and repossess Jimmy's BeeJay XL. Michael, hidden in the back seat, threatens Franklin with a gun and orders him to smash the windows of Simeon's dealership.
  • Did Somebody Say Yoga? : Where Michael is given a spiked drink by Jimmy, he's pushed out of his car by Jimmy near their mansion in the neighborhood, shortly before the fictitious Michael's nightmare of an alien abduction occurs.
  • Meltdown : Where Devin Weston sends several Merryweather guards to take hostage of Michael's family, while Michael and Jimmy were in the Oriental Theater celebrating their film. A large shootout between Michael and the guards took place in the mansion, and Michael's family survived.

Outside the mansion, many missions and side-missions take place in the neighborhood, the most notable are:

  • Breach of Contract : Josh Bernstein is talking with two police officers near a burned mansion that Trevor burned before on Josh's orders. When Trevor approaches the cops and Josh, Josh betrays Trevor and tells the cops that Trevor is the perpetrator. Trevor can kill Josh or let him go. But Trevor manages to kill the cops and escape from the police.

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  • Rockford Hills shares a similar name with a district of Liberty City in the 3D Universe, Rockford.
  • Down the street from Michael's house in the morning the player can spot 4 people doing yoga.
  • Its name is a possible reference to Jim Rockford, a fictional Los Angeles private investigator from the 1970s television show The Rockford Files.

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