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"Perfect place to raise a family."
―The Hills

Rockford Hills sign.

Rockford Hills is a high-class residential and commercial neighborhood in northern Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V.


Rockford Hills
The neighborhood is described as being filled with large luxurious houses, manicured lawns and gardens as well as having a lot of high-end cars driving around. In game, there many large mansions hidden from the street by large hedges and tall fences. Many of the properties are enterable and simply driving through the gate will open it allowing you to see the large swimming pools and manicured gardens of the wealthy residents. In the more commercial part of Rockford Hills is the famous Portola Drive where you can find high end clothes retailers like Ponsonbys. Two large apartment buildings available for purchase in GTA Online, Richards Majestic and Weazel Plaza are also located nearby. Rockford Hills is bordered by Vinewood Hills to the north, Vinewood to the east, Little Seoul to the south and Los Santos Golf Club/Richman to the west.

Events of GTA V

This is the main setting of many missions in the game, and the start points from missions received at Michael's mansion. Rockford Hills is too where the important mission Meltdown takes place, where Devin Weston sends several Merryweather members to kill Michael's family.


The neighborhood is based on Beverly Hills, for its mansions and luxury life. Though the real Beverly Hills is an incorporated city separate from Los Angeles, Rockford Hills is part of Los Santos.

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