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A panorama of the district, showing the housing estate, business park and construction site.

RockshoreEast Map

Rockshore East location

Rockshore East is a primarily industrial district located in southeast Las Venturas, San Andreas. North of Rockshore East is Linden Side while west of this district is Rockshore West. A couple of apartment blocks can be seen on some open lots near the border of Rockshore West. Rockshore East has a population of 96 as of 1992.

The only mission in where Rockshore East is important is in the mission Up, Up and Away!, in which you have to pickup a van using a magnet attached to a Leviathan and take it to Verdant Meadows.


  • Grenades - On the roof of the southernmost building in the eastern complex
  • Minigun - On top of some scaffolding in the building site
  • Pool Cue - By a dumpster in the eastern complex


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