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(This happens to almost every safehouse... insignificant edit)
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|'''Info:''' || No
|'''Info:''' || No
The door on the outside of the house is opened and you can see just blackness. If the player enters the house, he will push against the door and will walkin place as he walks into the the door. This dosn't screw up the rest of the game in anyway.
[[Category:Safehouses in GTA San Andreas]]
[[Category:Safehouses in GTA San Andreas]]

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The Rockshore West Safehouse in Las Venturas


An interior view

Name: Rockshore West Safehouse
Price: $20,000
Location: In the Rockshore West district of Las Venturas.
Garages: 1 (2 cars, 2 bikes (max)
Helipad: No
Stories: 1
Interior Appointments: Lavish
Previous Possessor: Unknown
Info: No

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