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Rockstar Radio is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto 2 only available in the Downtown District and hosted by Sammy Starock. The station plays pop and rock and occasionally features on-air phone calls from the listeners, and getting letters.

The station is an obvious reference to Rockstar Games, the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series.


  • Stikki Fingerz - Holdin' It Out For You
  • Weather
  • (Ad: Pizza Cake)
  • Conor & Jay - Vegas Road
  • (Ad: Third World Bank)
  • Phone call from listener - "Starock's mother"
  • Phone call from listener - "Spiritual country person"
  • (Ad: Flipper Dolphin)
  • (Ad: Silky Milky Breast Implants from Zaibatsu)
  • Phone call from listener - "Performing artist"
  • Track 7 - I Wanna Phunk

The two phone calls from listeners were replaced by two advertisments in the Playstation release.

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