"West Los Santos. A very upscale neighborhood with some of the most expensive retail outlets in America, let alone Los Santos. With views over Santa Maria Beach to the south and Los Santos inlet and Flint County to the west. Expensive, highly desirable, for intense capitalists."
―GTA San Andreas Website.

Rodeo is a district to the west of the city centre of Los Santos, San Andreas. The district is mainly based on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. North of Rodeo are the districts of Vinewood and Richman, while to the south is Santa Maria Beach. West of Rodeo is Flint County, while to the east are Marina and Verona Beach. Rodeo is the most expensive shopping district in San Andreas.[1]. It is not controlled by any of the four major gangs based in Los Santos.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Rodeo does not feature during any mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, although there are points where Carl Johnson goes through Rodeo. An example being during the mission Cut Throat Business, where Carl and Madd Dogg chase OG Loc through various districts of Los Santos (including Rodeo) and parts of Flint County.

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