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Rodrigo Stavnes

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Rodrigo Stavnes

Rodrigo Stavnes is a criminal residing in Liberty City in 2008 and is wanted by the Liberty City Police Department for racketeering. Stavnes can be killed by Niko Bellic, depending on the player's choice.

Attacking Rodrigo

As soon he and his Spanish Lords allies hear your siren, they will split up and run away. Kill his friends with a Micro Uzi or SMG and run after the Jamaican man in a suit. It's Rodrigo himself (strangely using a different ped model). When he's off the building, kill him. He'll drop some cash which you can pick up and the mission will be complete. Alternatively, you can just throw 2-3 Molotov Cocktails making them burn to death.


  • He's a member of the Hillside Posse, judging by his original appearance.
  • The fact that his friends are members of the Spanish Lords, it could be possible that he is a high ranking member, due to Little Jacob being allied with the gang.

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