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Roger C. Hole is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is the mayor of Liberty City. Hole has been the Mayor of Liberty City since 1992; he would first serve a full term from 1992-1996. He would be re-elected in 1996, despite two scandals. One of his opponents was Miles O'Donovan, who would succeed him as mayor.


In 1993, three Russian prostitutes and a manager from a construction company attempted to gain government contracts, whilst in 1995 he was photographed with members of the Forelli Family. After his re-election, in 1997, he was accused of securing drugs for city officials in return for sanitation contracts. The GTA Liberty City Stories website also suggests that Hole has had sex with at least two under age females. A court case brought against Hole, who was later cleared, later denying that he knew they were under age and that their driving licenses were fakes.


By 1998, he has long given up on the democratic process of being mayor. His main political movements before 1998 include raising taxation, reducing public spenditure, increasing bureaucratic costs and keeping Liberty City in the national news. Hole is controlled by the Forelli Family Don Franco Forelli. Hole also works with some construction companies, as confirmed by Avery Carrington on the official GTA Liberty City Stories website.


In 1998, Hole, under orders from the Forelli Family, attempts to arrest Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone, who manages to escape to Staunton Island with Toni Cipriani. After this, and learning that Hole is controlled by the Forelli Family, Salvatore orders Toni Cipriani to kill the Mayor while he is on his morning jog in Belleville Park. After his death, the Leone Family attempt to get Donald Love elected, so as to control him. However, Hole's former opponent Miles O'Donovan is elected, due to Donald Love's connection to the Leone family.


  • R.C. Hole, if pronounced in a certain way, is a reference to the word "arsehole".
  • After his death, his tombstone would be seen in the cemetery beside the cathedral in Bedford Point. It says: "Running for office in heaven". It is also noteworthy that Hole's tombstone is noticeably larger and more grandeur that the other tombstones in the cemetery.
  • It is also possible that C. Hole may be a reference to "Cunt Hole". Furthermore, "Rogering" is British slang for having sex, literally making his name a description of sexual intercourse ("Roger Cunt Hole").
  • In the game files of GTA: LCS there is an alternate model of Roger, wearing a suit. This model is not showing in the final version.

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