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Rural Route 13
Route 13 shield

Part of the San Andreas Highway System

Road information
South end: and near Vinewood Hills
Major junctions in Grand Senora Desert
and in north Grand Senora Desert
North end: near Braddock Pass
Other names: Senora Freeway

Route 13 (or the Senora Freeway) is one of the Numbered Highways in San Andreas. It begins in Grapeseed, at the northern end of Route 1 and ends at an intersection with Route 18. Route 13 is based on the real-life stretch of Interstate 10 between Los Angeles and Indio or even Interstate 8 near the Mexican border.



  • At the intersection of Route 68 and Senora Road, Senora Road is signed as Route 13, although it runs parallel to the freeway. It may be the route's old alignment before the Senora Freeway opened.

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