Urban Route 18
Route 18 shield

Part of the San Andreas Highway System

Road information
West end: Route 1 in Del Perro
Major junctions Route 14 in Morningwood

Route 16 in Rockford Hills
Route 19 in Vinewood
Interstate 1/Route 13 near Vinewood Bowl

East end: Route 20 and Route 17 in East Los Santos
Other names: West Eclipse Boulevard
Eclipse Boulevard
Vinewood Boulevard
Mirror Park Boulevard
El Rancho Boulevard

Route 18 is one of the Numbered Highways in San Andreas. It is an east-west urban highway that travels along the northern section of metro Los Santos. This route is signed on Interstate 1 guide signs as well as on the official GTA V print map. However, it doesn't show the exact path of the route. Presuming the route needs to begin and end at another route, and based on the control cities, it connects the Great Ocean Highway near Del Perro Beach with the Elysian Fields Freeway in East Los Santos, by West Eclipse Boulevard, Vinewood Boulevard, Mirror Park Boulevard and El Rancho Boulevard.