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Roy Lowenstein Boulevard is a street in Davis and Rancho, South Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto V


The boulevard runs from Little Bighorn Avenue in the northeast to Dutch London Street in the southwest. It has connections to Innocence Boulevard, Macdonald Street, Carson Avenue and Covenant Avenue. The Freight Train runs in the middle of this road.

Gang Control

It may be disputed territory as both the Vagos and the Aztecas spawn in the area. This suggests that there may be gang violence in the area between these two gangs.


Places of Interest


  • Auto Parts
  • Beauty Store (corner of Macdonald Street)
  • Cabinets & Carpets (corner of Carson Avenue)
  • Cent Carpet (corner of Innocence Boulevard)
  • Hayes Auto Body Shop (corner of Carson Avenue)
  • Hearty Taco (corner of Dutch London Street)
  • Hi-Men


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