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"Say goodnight, Mr. Diaz!"
Lance Vance last words to Ricardo Diaz.

Rub Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that protagonist Tommy Vercetti does independently in Diaz Mansion in Starfish Island, Vice City. In this mission Tommy and Lance infiltrate Diaz's mansion to kill him to avenge Victor Vance's death and take over his business.


After Lance Vance attempted to kill Ricardo Diaz, Tommy and Lance need to kill him before he can attack them. They meet on the bridge to Starfish Island, with Lance providing Tommy with an M4 Carbine. They enter Diaz's Mansion and manage to shoot their way through the mansions gardens. They enter the mansion through the back door, next to an indoor pool, and shoot their way through the hallways. They eventually reach the main hall where Diaz is waiting, having spotted them entering his property through CCTV.

Diaz has eight guards as protection but they, along with Diaz himself, are killed. Diaz manages to crawl to the top of the stairs and claims to have trusted Tommy, before Tommy and Lance kill him.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Kill Diaz

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The reward for completing this mission is $50,000. The Vercetti Estate is acquired. The missions Love Juice, Shakedown, and Check Out At The Check In are unlocked.


  • Ricardo Diaz - Killed by Tommy and Lance for ambushing the deal with the Vance Crime Family.


  • This mission and The Job are the only missions in the Grand Theft Auto series where the monetary reward is higher than that of the final mission. However, the reward can be somewhat seen as compensation for the previous mission "Death Row", which had no payout despite being one of the most difficult in the game.
  • Strangely, Diaz holds his SMG with two hands, while the player holds an SMG with one hand.
  • The mission is very similar to a scene in the cult classic film Scarface, which had a drug lord (Frank Lopez), who is similar to Diaz, gunned down by his former comrades after betraying them (Tony Montana, the protagonist and Manny Ribera, a close friend of Tony) in his headquarters, as his former comrades take over his crippled empire after his death.
  • Lance's white Infernus is absent in the weapons cutscene, most likely because it does not have sufficient trunk space to transport the carbines. Instead, a blue Stallion is used.
  • After the death of Diaz' Gang, they didn't exist in Vice City anymore. You can find them in the Vigilante mission, even though they were wiped out.

Post-mission phone call

  • Sonny Forelli: Hey Tommy, it's Sonny. How's the sun tan?
  • Tommy Vercetti: I ain't got no sun tan.
  • Sonny Forelli: Well, you ain't got my money, either, so I'm wondering to myself, what are you doing? So, tell me, Tommy, what are you doing?
  • Tommy Vercetti: I'm looking for the money, Sonny. Don't worry.
  • Sonny Forelli: I am worrying, Tommy, that's my style, because I seem to have this problem in my life with unreliable people. Don't be an unreliable person, Tommy, please. Do us both a favor. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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