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CutContent Logo The following is based on Grand Theft Auto V cut content and has not been verified by canon sources.
Please do not add unverified or speculative content to this article unless confirmed by Rockstar Games or in-game data.

Cut firing sound

The Rubber Gun is a weapon that was scheduled to be featured in Grand Theft Auto V, but was cut from the final version of the game. An image of it can be found in the game files.

As seen on the image, it is based on the Israeli IMI Uzi, similarly to the Gold SMG from The Ballad of Gay Tony, although with a blue camouflage. Not much is known about it.

A cut firing sound (ptl_rubber) exists in the game files. The file's prefix ptl indicates it would have been in the Pistols category, even though its design is closer to that of a submachine gun. Other in-game filenames however suggest that it was a submachine gun instead.


  • Part of its name refers that the weapon is intended to be a toy, being able to shoot foam/rubber pellets. However, it is unclear if the Rubber Gun is actually a toy or a disguised weapon (like the GTA III Micro SMG).


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