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"Go and meet my baby brother. He'll show you where they are fighting a'right son."

Rumble is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Red Jacks leader D-Ice from a public phone booth in the Wichita Gardens district of Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.


The Purple Nines are nearly wiped out. The last members of the gang want a last fight against the Red Jacks. D-Ice instructs Claude to meet up with his brother who shows Claude the location of the fight. The rule is only bats are allowed. Claude, with D-Ice's brother's help, kills all remaining Purple Nines, leaving the Red Jacks the only members of the Southside Hoods.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Meet up with D-Ice's brother
  • Go at the battle and kill the remaining Purple Nines


The reward for completing the mission is $10,000 and the completion of D-Ice's missions. The Purple Nines are permanently wiped out of Liberty City. The player can return to the payphone to start Rigged to Blow anytime while not on a mission.

Video walkthroughs

iPad Version
GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 62 - Rumble02:07

GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 62 - Rumble

PC Version
GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 62 - Rumble (HD)01:38

GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 62 - Rumble (HD)

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