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Carl Johnson goes to Big Smoke's Home to find Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski leaving. Big Smoke follows behind them.
Tenpenny Boo!
CJ Asshole.
Tenpenny Yo Carl, see you around!
CJ The fuck they doin' here anyway? Punk ass police.
Big Smoke Those lousy motherfuckers won't leave me alone. They got a Mr. Big or something but I don't tell 'em shit! For me, it's all about my home boy Carl.
CJ Yeah, whatever you say.
Big Smoke The gang is the most important, CJ, you know that. You down to represent, baby?
CJ Yeah.
Big Smoke Look, my cousin is coming into town from Mexico. I got to go scoop her up.
CJ Alright then, let's go.
CJ and Big Smoke head to East Los Santos to meet Big Smoke's cousin.
Big Smoke Ok, my cousin Mary's in there. Sweet. Sticky. Bud fresh off the plantation. Here, pull up here, let me do the talking.
CJ Man, I shoulda known.
Big Smoke Hey, excuse me, Jose, yo soy El Grando Smokio. And I want that grass. Comprende?
Vago Ey, fuck you cabron.
CJ What?
Big Smoke Now that ain't nice. Coughio up el weedo, before I blow your brains out all over the patio.
Vago Chinga a tu madre, pendejo.
CJ Man, let me get the heater on this... Get him Smoke!
Big Smoke Yeah, yeah, you go get that shit, nigga... (hits Vago with Baseball Bat) Yeah, motherfucker, Big Smoke! Remember that name!
CJ chases the remaining Vago and once he kills him the mission is complete.

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