The San Andreas Rural Police (SARP) or just Rural Police operates and can be seen in the country and desert areas of 3D Universe San Andreas.


They are dressed in a brown shirt with cream pants and a sheriff's hat and badge as pictured to the right and below. They are armed with a 9mm pistol and a Nightstick, and sometimes may be armed with a Pump Action Shotgun on higher level. The game's files include a rural police officer with a beige shirt that matches the LVPD uniform. This, however, was cut from the game for an unknown reason but was presumed to be the Bone County equivalent of the rural police. Its unknown if they are just one department or up to 4 sheriffs departments. Although, it is possible that it is the state police department.


The Ranger is the rural police's main vehicle. It is a modified Rancher equipped with lights and sirens (as well as a new paint job) and very good off-road handling and speed. This vehicle is primarily used for off road work so it is typical that it operates in the rural areas. They may also use the Predator in rural rivers and coasts.

Police Stations



  • The beige rural officer, was meant to be used in the desert, however he was cut, his skin is still in the game files, and can be used with skin mods.
  • One officer has a voice resembling voice of Nobita from Doraemon.
  • The patches worn by the officers is similar to, if not identical to, those worn by members of the SFPD.
  • The Rural Police are likely the San Andreas Sheriff's Department due to their policing the rural areas of the state while the larger cities have their own police departments. Though they are not named as a sheriff's department in-game they more than likely are. Based on the areas they patrol and the stations that maintain the sheriff's department would be split into four departments; Red County Sheriff's Department based in Dillimore, Bone County Sheriff's Department based in Fort Carson, Tierra Robada Sheriff's Department based in El Quebrados, and Whetstone County Sheriff's Department based in Angel Pine or combined into the San Andreas Sheriff's Department with field offices.
  • When you enter the rural border and go back to the city border, rural police may drive the police car the city they are in.
  • Also when you get killed in the country by those sheriffs, and you respawn in any city hospital, they will take over LSPD or whatever city you spawned in, along with their rangers.

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