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[[Category:Russian Mafia (GTA 2)| ]]
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This article is about the Russian Mafia featured in Grand Theft Auto 2. For other Russian gangs, see Russian Mafia.

The Russian Mafia is a gang featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.


The Russian Mafia is one of the several gangs located in Anywhere City, circa 2013. It is one of the three gangs fighting for control of the Industrial District of the city, becoming enemies with the Zaibatsu Corporation and the Hare Krishna. The Russians are led by a man named Jerkov, an ex-soldier for the Red Army.

Members of the Russian Mafia are well armed, using sub-machine guns and driving the heavily armored Bulwark vehicle.

Jerkov hires the solo criminal, Claude Speed, to help him with his war against Zaibatsu and Krishna. While Speed helps the Russian Mafia with their war, he also works for their rivals as well. Ultimately, Jerkov and his fellow gang leaders find out about Claude's treachery and attack him, only to be killed by the hired gun.







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