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Not to be confused with the Hustler.

The Rustler is a WWII fighter plane in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, based on the North American P-51 Mustang (wings, canopy, fuselage) with features derived from the Curtis P-40 Warhawk (tail assembly, propeller, nose). It is fast and has very good maneuverability, as expected from a fighter. It has 6 machine guns in the wings but is very delicate, as even gently scraping a wing against an object can cause the plane to explode. Unlike other planes in the game with mounted machine guns, the Rustler's machine guns do not automatically lock onto a target. This makes it more difficult for the Rustler to hit vehicles, even more so when the Rustler is moving quickly and will probably not have enough time to finish off the vehicle. The Rustler has a relatively high top speed. Like the other planes with propeller engines, the plane will stall if the nose is too high. It is designed for low flight, and seats only one.




  • In the bottom floor of the police impound lot in Roca Escalante (alongside a Leviathan and a Hydra). As the plane intersects the ground, it is impossible to even enter the plane.
  • In a storage area in Easter Bay Airport and can only be unlocked after completion of the mission "Mike Toreno".
  • Spawns at Verdant Meadows after completing mission "Learning to Fly".
  • Seen flying in the sky frequently, it also occasionally crashes on a area which has High Buildings,Mountains,Trees,etc.

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