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Ryder's House

Ryder's House is located on Grove Street in Ganton, Los Santos between the Johnson House and the Grove Street overpass. His Picador can be found parked in the driveway even after Carl kills Ryder in the Pier 69 mission. His house can only be accessed through trainers, the hidden interiors universe, or modifications, but it is featured in mission cutscenes. In the living room, a boxart of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City can be seen. There are many things that hint to Ryder's disorganization such as a dirty toilet. The backyard of the home is filled with various small holes that Ryder dug at the start of the mission Home Invasion. A shovel can also be found nearby.


A shovel can be found behind Ryder's House.

Storyline Missions

Ryder's Missions


  • The holes in Ryder's backyard are present even before the "Home Invasion" mission.
  • In the interior of Ryder's house, there is a poster of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City beside his television at the living room.
  • If the player enters the house via modifications, the interior will be called "Ryder's place".


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