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The S-Cart is a car in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

Depicted as a compact two-door car, the S-Cart is evidently based on the Ford Escort Mk1 by both the name and its appearance.

The Escort's early racing pedigree is also reflected when an S-Cart is resprayed in a paint shop; resprayed S-Carts will feature one of six different racing liveries, complete with racing stripes and a racing number, as well as a possible performance upgrade. This car has a unique engine sound.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

Whilst appearing seemingly unremarkable, the S-Cart possesses sporty performance, with relatively good top speed and acceleration, average handling, braking and grip.

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Main article: Copper

The S-Cart's design also serves as the basis for the GTA London 1969 rendition of the Copper.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

  • The S-Cart has an above average export value. [citation/verification needed]


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