For the police department in San Andreas in the HD Universe, see Los Santos County Sheriff and Los Santos Police Department.

 The San Andreas Police Department (SAPD) is the State police and main law enforcement agency servicing the state of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The SAPD covers a wide range of lower-ranking law enforcement arms in San Andreas, and presides over various jurisdictions in the state.

The SAPD is broken up into seven sub-departments, with different areas to patrol:


Los Santos Police Department

  • Black shirt 
  • Gold insignia 
  • Black pants 
  • Black shoes 

San Fierro Police Department

  • Black shirt
  • Silver insignia
  • SFPD emblem
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes

Las Venturas Police Department

  • Tan/beige shirt 
  • LVPD emblem 
  • Tan/beige pants with black stripe 
  • Black shoes 

Rural Police (Sheriff Department)

  • Tan/beige cowboy hat
  • Brown shirt
  • Bronze insignia
  • Sheriff emblem
  • Cream-coloured pants with black stripe
  • Black shoes

Motor Officer (Biker Police)

  • White turtle helmet with black stripe in the front
  • Black aviator glasses
  • Black leather jacket
  • Gold insignia
  • Black gloves
  • Black leather pants with yellow stripe
  • Black biker boots


  • Black combat helmet with combat goggles
  • Black balaclava
  • Black thick combat shirt with black body armor
  • Black biker gloves
  • Black thick combat pants with pistol holster on the right leg
  • Black boots


Each city has a separate version of the Police Car, marked with the individual city's abbreviation (e.g. LSPD, SFPD and LVPD). The San Andreas Police Department itself patrols using HPV-1000 police bikes. Police officers in rural areas drive a Police Ranger (based on a Rancher). They also use the Enforcer van for SWAT officers, Police Maverick helicopter, and Predator police boat.



Police stations

There are three main police stations - one in each city. Each of these has an alarmed garage containing police vehicles from that city. The police station in Las Venturas, Los Santos and Dillimore is only enterable, and contains officers, police lockers, cells and some weapons and Armor; although be aware that picking up the weapons inside police stations will result in a two-star wanted level.

There are also a number of small police stations in rural villages.

Wanted levels


  • When you reach a 4 star wanted level, a Hydra would be recommended for flight if you plan on flying from locations, since the enemy Hydras do launch missiles at you and that the Hydra has countermeasures (i.e. Flares), so they deflect them.
  • At the fifth level don't drive a vehicle that is prone to toppling over or driving on harsh land, since the FBI Ranchers tend to be aggressive.


  • The police department can also use Hydras starting on four-star wanted level despite that it is a military-exclusive vehicle.

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