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"Like condoms or hairspray, this fits in your pocket for a night on the town. The price of a bottle at a club, it's half as accurate as a champagne cork, and twice as deadly."
GTA V description on the Rockstar Games Social Club.

The Shrewsbury SNS Pistol is a small handgun featured in the Beach Bum Content Update for Grand Theft Auto V. It is described by Rockstar as a "compact yet deadly" gun and can be obtained for free at Ammu-Nation. It will also be automatically equipped for single-player characters once the update is installed.

It resembles the Heckler & Koch P7M10, with some design elements also similar to the Colt Junior 25. The weapon model indicates that it is chambered in ".45 ACB".


The SNS has an average performance in comparison to other low-grade pistols. It is fairly powerful, but lacks basic accuracy and has very short range, the shortest of all non-shotgun firearms. Due to the very small base capacity of the weapon, a full magazine in the chest may not be enough to kill a player. When fighting an NPC with the SNS, it usually takes about 3 body shots to kill. Overall the SNS is outclassed by every single gun in the game and the only applicable use of it would be to steal another weapon.

It can be modded to use an extended magazine, doubling its ammo capacity from 6 to 12 rounds.


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Requiring improvement: Next-Gen and Online Prices
Rounds & magazine GTA V GTA Online (Unlock)
Rounds (12) $8 $
Default clip (6 rounds) Default Default ()
Extended clip (12 rounds) $ $
Black Default Default ()
Army $100 $5000
Green (Collector's and Enhanced Edition) $7500
Orange (Collector's and Enhanced Edition)
LSPD $600 $5750
Pink (Collector's and Enhanced Edition) $7500
Gold (Collector's and Enhanced Edition) $10000
Platinum (Collector's and Enhanced Edition) $12500



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  • The name is an abbreviation for saturday night special, a common slang term for small inexpensive firearms.
  • Humorously, the pistol has multiple different names in international versions of the game:
    • In the Brazilian Portuguese version of the game it's named "Pistola Fajuta", which roughly translates as "Phony gun".
    • In the French version of the game it's named "Pétoire". This translates to "blaster".
    • In Polish version of the game it's named "Pukawka", which means "pop gun".
    • In the Chinese version it is the 劣质手枪(Lie4 Zhi4 Shou3 Qiang1), which translates to "low-quality pistol".
    • In the Russian version of the game it's called "Карманный пистолет", which means "Pocket Pistol".
    • In the German version it is called "Billigknarre", this means "cheap gun".
    • In the Spain's Spanish version it's named "Pistola cutre", which translates to "cheap pistol".
    • In the Latinamerica's Spanish version it's called "Pistola SPN", wich is an abbreviation por Sábado Por la Noche, a term translating to "Saturday Night".
    • In the Italian version it is called "Pistoletta", which means "small pistol".


  • Entering Ammu-Nation, removing the extended magazine, exiting the store, and then entering it again causes the extended magazine to be re-equipped.


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