STD calendar

The STD calendar in the Doherty Garage office.

STD is a company featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Little is known about the company, but two calendars with the company's logo can be seen in the derelict Doherty Garage (one in the main service area and the other on the exterior wall of the office) in San Fierro.


The company appears to be a reference to the motor oil brand, STP. The initials "STD" are commonly used to refer to sexually transmitted diseases, in keeping with Rockstar Games' crude humour.


  • The calendar uses the Sunday-Saturday week format and is open to the month of January, with 1 January shown as being a Thursday. The last year prior to 1992 (the year the events of San Andreas take place) to begin on a Thursday was 1987, which suggests the garage has been abandoned for at least five years before it is acquired by Carl Johnson.