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"Reliable erections for all Los Santos"
―Street sign

STD Contractors is a construction company in Grand Theft Auto V.


STD Contractors have three known projects in the city of Los Santos, all under construction during the events of the game: the Mile High Club, located in Downtown Los Santos, a tower complex that promises both commercial and business space for low rates, La Puerta Apartments, an apartment building near La Puerta Freeway, and another construction site in Vinewood, near Downtown.


  • The company's name is a reference to "STD", which stands for "sexually transmitted disease".  It is supposed to be read "STD Contractors", or someone who recieves a sexually transmitted disease.
  • There is a company in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with a similar name; STD. It may be possible that STD Contractors could be a successor of STD.
  • The company's slogan is also a reference to an "erection", which is usually a part of male arousal. 


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