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{{Infobox vehicles
#REDIRECT [[Sabre Turbo]]
| name = Sabre GT
| front_image = SabreGT-GTA4-withstripes-front.jpg
| image_size = 300
| caption = A Sabre GT in [[Grand Theft Auto IV|GTA IV]]
| manufacturer = [[Declasse]] (GTA IV)
| vehicle_type = Civilian car
| body_style = 2-door muscle coupe
| capacity = 2 (driver and passenger)
| top_speed = High
| endurance = Good
| appearances = [[Grand Theft Auto IV|GTA IV]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars|GTA Chinatown Wars]]<br> [[Grand Theft Auto V]]
| based_on = See [[#Design]]
The '''Sabre GT''' is a high performance muscle car in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]], [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]] and [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. Manufactured by [[Declasse]], the Sabre GT is more alike earlier renditions of the [[Sabre]] prior to GTA IV (as GTA IV's Sabre is redesigned with a modern appearance), and is also comparable to the [[Sabre Turbo]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]].
== Design ==
===GTA IV===
The Sabre GT borrows bits and pieces from various American muscle cars. The back and sides resemble a [[File:Sabregt_badges.png|thumb]][[wp:Oldsmobile Cutlass#1970|1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass]] [] - but the sides have softer lines and could be from [[wp:Chevrolet Chevelle#Second generation .281968.E2.80.931972.29|'68/'69 Chevrolet Chevelles]], the grille has a resemblance to a [[wp:AMC Rebel#1970|1970 AMC Rebel]], the front is similar to a [[wp:Buick Gran Sport#GSX|1970 Buick GSX]] [] (the headlights and the shape of the bumper is also very similar to a 1970 Cutlass) and the front bumper's round turning signals are similar to a [[wp:Dodge Coronet#1968.E2.80.931970|1968 or 1969 Dodge Coronet]]. The wheels appear to be based on those found on [[wp:Pontiac Firebird#Second generation .281970.E2.80.931981.29|Pontiac Firebirds during the 1970's]]. The paintjob seems to look like that of a [[wp:Ford Mustang Mach 1|Mustang Mach 1]] with some characteristics of a [[wp:Shelby Mustang|Shelby Mustang]]. The different hood scoop on some Sabre GTs resembles that of a 1968 Shelby Mustang, while some resemble the 442 Cutlass. Overall, the look created emulates the GM big body V8 coupes of the early 70's (Cutlass, [[wp:Buick Skylark|Skylark]], Chevelle). The Sabre GT has a different [[Declasse]] logo than the makers other cars, being an older design, a circle with "Declasse" written around the inside edge.
The Sabre GT is remarkably similar to the [[Sabre Turbo]] from [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]]. The stripes featured on some Sabre GTs look much like the ones on the Sabre Turbo, except the stripes do not continue all the way down the hood to the front of the car. The words "Sabre Turbo" are painted on the lower sides of the car, just in front of the rear wheels. Sabre GTs may also appear with a hood bulge or a large hood scoop.
{| align="center"
|<gallery width="auto" perrow="4" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" widths="292">
SabreGT-GTA4-withstripes-rear.jpg|Rear quarter view of the Sabre GT, GTA IV.
SabreGT-GTA4-withoutstripes-front.jpg|A variant of the Sabre GT in GTA IV with a large hood scoop.
SabreGT-GTACW.png|A Sabre GT in GTA Chinatown Wars.
===GTA V===
[[File:Sabregt.v.jpg|thumb|Trevor driving a Sabre GT in GTAV]]
The Sabre GT returns in GTA V. The vehicle's appearance is nearly unchanged from GTA IV; it is even seen sporting the same striped and solid paint job variations as well as the same decals.[[File:Screenshot-SunsetChase-GTAV.jpg|thumb|A Sabre GT featuring a different wheel design in [[GTA V]].]]
[[File:Photo2ix.png|thumb|Another shot of Franklin jacking a Sabre GT in GTAV]]
== Performance ==
=== Performance ===
The Sabre GT houses a turbocharged version of the regular [[Sabre]]'s herculean 9-litre (550 ci) V8, equipped with the same drivetrain. The lack of a sixth gear in the 'box results in a top speed of 145 mph (233 km/h). The behemoth of an engine is comparable to that of the Imponte [[Dukes (car)|Dukes]], though the wider tires and shorter wheelbase eliminate a trifle of the hideous wheelspin resulting from the rear wheels having to cope with such levels of torque. Though the back-end readily swings round corners, this is noticeably more controllable in corners than the Imponte equivalent. The exhaust note is unique to the Sabre GT, and it shares its horn with the[[Sabre|&nbsp;Sabre]]. Although the exhaust note more closely resembles the [[Stallion]] when heard from the rear of the car, it is slightly less audible in comparison. However, when heard from the front of the car, the whistle of the turbo and the roar of the 550ci V8 is distinct.
=== Handling ===
The Sabre GT rolls heavily through corners and has a strong tendency to understeer. The car does not feature ABS, and therefore may extend stopping distance under heavy braking, and the combination of weight and low ground clearance makes the car dive forward enough to damage the front splitter. However, it does handle far better than the [[Dukes (car)|Dukes]] or [[Stallion]]. As with many muscle cars, it has low rear tire grip and very soft suspension, a setup that favors experienced players who, with practice, can slide the car through corners, beating more modern vehicles with ease. Care must be taken in heavy traffic, as the vehicle cannot withstand many frontal impacts before being disabled.
Since the suspension features low ground clearance, it is not uncommon to find nicks and scratches along the undercarriage due to scraping against uneven road surfaces and potholes. The front splitter is prone to scraping when hitting hills, crests and bumps in the road, and may even break the turn signals mounted on either side of the front bumper.
== Variants ==
[[Image:SabreGT-GTA4-Stevie-front.jpg|thumb|275px|The requested Sabre GT in [[Stevie's Car Thefts]].]]
There are several iterations of the Sabre GT, all cosmetic in nature. Some feature a plain hood, others feature a cowl for the air filter with a "TURBOCHARGED" badge on either side, and some feature a more aggressive forward-facing scoop, and may feature quick-release pins to keep the hood from flying off under high speed. All GT's can be found in either solid or two-tone body colors.
A unique Sabre GT is wanted by [[Stevie]] for [[S&M Auto Sales]] , which can be located in a driveway near Meadows Park. It is featured in lime green with a dark greenish-blue stripe and pearlescent tint.
The car also appears in a rare brown two-tone scheme (roof, hood, and boot lid is colored light brown while doors and quarter panels on all corners are colored dark brown) with cream colored decals. It is occasionally seen in [[Leftwood]] and parked on [[Vespucci Circus]]. You can also find a purple two-tone GT across from the Angels of Death hideout in [[Varsity Heights]], Algonquin. One may spawn randomly around [[Firefly Projects|the Firefly Projects]] or surrounding area, this is the rarest colour variant.
== Trivia==
* The default radio station of the Sabre GT in GTA IV is [[Liberty Rock Radio 97.8]]
* The Sabre may recieve its name due to its real-life counterpart the Oldsmobile Cutlass, as the names are two types of swords.
* On the back cover of the GTA IV disc case, there's a picture of Niko outrunning several Police Cruisers in a blue and white Sabre GT. 
* If you take the car to a [[Pay 'N' Spray]], you may receive a body color similiar to the [[Sabre Turbo]] in the opening cutscene for [[Grand Theft Auto:Vice City]].
* In GTA IV, the police refer to the Sabre GT as a "[[Classique]] Sabre GT", but this car is made by Declasse, although it looks like an [[wp:Oldsmobile|Oldsmobile]].
[[Image:SabreGT-GTACW-papercraft.jpg|275px|thumb|right|A rendering of GTA Chinatown Wars' papercraft Sabre GT.]]
* Under the "Chinatown Wars" section of the [[Rockstar Games Social Club]] website, members may download a printable papercraft model the game's Sabre GT.
* Driving the Sabre GT will make the [[PCJ-600]] spawn more often in traffic.
*A similar looking car that could have been the original inspiration for the Sabre altogether was featured on the [ original PC cover] of GTA1.
*On the side skirt of the car is written "Sabre Turbo", a nod to the original Sabre Turbo in VC.
*After collecting all cars for [[Stevie]] he agrees to purchase cars off [[Niko Bellic|Niko]], with the Sabre GT fetching $2000
*As with many other vehicles in GTA IV, this car may be locked on a white-gray or gray-blue color if you re-spray it too many times. The only solution to this is to find another vehicle and try to get the desired color.
== Locations ==
*Often spawn in [[Rotterdam Hill]], [[South Slopes]] ([[Broker]]), [[The Meat Quarter]], [[Middle Park]], [[Suffolk]], [[Varsity Heights]] and [[Westminster]] ([[Algonquin]]).
*Sometimes spawn in [[Downtown Broker|Downtown]] and [[Outlook]] ([[Broker]]).
*Occasionally spawn in [[Berchem]], [[Leftwood]] and [[Westdyke]] ([[Alderney]]).
*Sometimes parked in a driveway in [[Beachgate]].
*Rarely spawns in [[Northwood]].
;GTA Chinatown Wars
*Found commonly on roads
*Can be purchased from [[Auto Merchant]] at $700.
;Grand Theft Auto V
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