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The Sadler is a pickup truck featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Sadler is one of the lower class pickup trucks available in the game, and functions as a farm truck, resulting in it appearing more frequently in rural regions of San Andreas. Like certain pickup trucks in the game, the Sadler will come with loads on its truck bed, such as oil drums, Sprunk cans, or wooden crates. The truck is based on a 1973-1977 Ford F-Series, but the placement of the grille is similar to 1970s era International Harvester pickup trucks. A closer look at it's engine bay indicates that the engine is a transversely mounted engine, most probably a 4 cylinder.

The truck's performance is the inversion of that of the Bobcat, with poor-to-moderate speed and acceleration, but superior handling, stability and off-roading capabilities (due to its higher ground clearance).



A "beater" Sadler in GTA San Andreas.

Similar to the Glendale, there is also a damaged version of this truck - even when repaired, the panels remain damaged. On the front and back panels, there is no license plate.


  • The default radio station in the standard Sadler is Radio X, but the default radio station in the beater Sadler is K-DST.
  • Due to programmer error, the PC version of a regular Sadler lacks a sheen while the beater variant has one.
  • In the beta version of the game, this was Ryder's car, instead of a Picador.[1]
  • There is a glitch with the beater Sadler: if you cause enough damage to get rid of the rear bumper, it will show a license plate attached to nothing.
  • The Sadler is named after Noelle Sadler, who provided the voice for some radio advertisements, pedestrians, and Bettina in the game.
  • There is a green substance in the back of the truck it is unknown if this is a texture glitch or a reference to something.


Standard Sadler

Beater Sadler


  1. Ryder's Sadler

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