Sage is an "alternative" DJ who hosts the alternative radio station Radio X in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Sage is a very self-obsessed woman and self-confessed rebel who seems to always be worked up about something, making her a stereotypical Gen X-er. Sage has a "lazy" outlook on life and most her apparent obsession is the sound of her own voice, along with sex as she admits to have slept with the entire Danzig line-up and Axl Rose, the chief of police, along with a man she "did behind the Cluckin' Bell", and pleads "could somebody please sleep with me!" during the outro to Soundgarden's song "Rusty Cage", amongst at least two other references. Sage has a strong dislike towards people over the age of 29 (declaring herself to be a part of a revolution to overthrow everyone over the age of 30), and admits to having huffed paint and ether. She also has a strong dislike towards cartoons and claims that they're "stupid and cheery," in addition to thinking life isn't supposed to be "cheery." Like other DJs, Sage's comments change as the game progresses, including a brief comment about OG Loc, threatening to set herself on fire after Bone County becomes accessible and claiming that the Los Santos Riots are part of the "revolution" she often mentions.

In addition to not wearing any underwear, Sage also complains about San Andreas' health system and the excessive cheerfulness of cartoons. Like Mary-Beth Maybell, Sage is considered to be a radio-only role within the general scheme of things. Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith of K-DST radio has a vendetta against her even though her radio station plays "Welcome to the Jungle", in which Tommy's voice-over actor, W. Axl Rose, had a part in creating.

No artwork or photos have been revealed of Sage, but it once was mentioned in a phone call that "the few teeth you do have are gun metal gray from cigerettes and drug abuse, and you dress like you blew up a homeless person and then knitted his clothes back together", possibly stating that she doesn't care about personal hygiene.

Sage is voiced by Jodie Shawback. Shawback also provides voiceover work for a Shine perfume ad, by Helmut Schein, and is credited accordingly. The ad occasionally plays on Radio X, and as Shawback makes no attempt to disguise her voice, it's possible to conclude that it is Sage herself heard on the ad.