This article is about a mission in GTA San Andreas. For the bistro in Saint Mark's, which the mission also bases itself on, see Marco's Bistro.
"Now it's time The Forellis really found out what it means to screw with Salvatore Leone."
Salvatore Leone

Saint Mark's Bistro is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone from the office at Caligula's Palace, a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Carl is told by Salvatore Leone to conduct an attack on the Saint Mark's Bistro in Liberty City as the main objective to kill Marco Forelli, Carl gladly accepts the job, but insists he needs backup, and chooses Paul, Maccer and Rosenberg to go with him. Moments later outside, Carl tells Paul and the others to escape the city as soon as possible, while he goes to Liberty City to finish the task. Carl drives to Las Venturas Airport where he finds a jet at the beginning of the runway on the airfield to fly to Liberty City. Carl soon arrives in Liberty City and is dropped off at the Saint Mark's Bistro via Taxicab. Carl arrives at the restaurant and kills all of Marco's bodyguards before killing Marco outside the bar (Marco can also be killed within the bar area). After Marco's death, Carl flies back to Las Venturas and lands at the airport, ending the mission. 

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Las Venturas Airport.
  • The jet is at the end of the runway, get into it and fly into Liberty City.
  • Fly to Liberty City.
  • Kill Forelli and all of his bodyguards.
  • Fly back to Las Venturas Airport.


Post-mission phone call

Phone Call 1

CJ: "Hello?"

Salvatore Leone: "Hey, Carl my boy!"

CJ: "Mr. Leone."

Salvatore Leone: "Everybody's talking about the job you did on that St. Marks Bistro."

CJ: "Thank you, Mr. Leone."

Salvatore Leone: "And you, er, you took care of those three loose ends?"

CJ: "Yeah those poor saps ran into a little trouble along the way. You won't be hearing from Mr. Rosenberg again."

Salvatore Leone: "Good boy! Good boy! Now listen, you're going to have to keep a low profile or people will start to make connections, so let's keep our distance for a while, eh? I'll call you."

CJ: "Thank you, Mr. Leone."

Phone Call 2

CJ: "Hello?"

Woozie: "Hey, CJ, what's up with you? Are we doing this heist or are you going soft on me again?"

CJ: "Hey, check it. Them fools been shipped out of the Venturas, Salvatore think I'm cool, so it's on. I'll meet you back at the 'Dragons."

Woozie: "OK, cool. Later."

Phone Call 3

Sweet: "Carl, what's up? It's your brother."

CJ: "Eh, what's up, man, you OK?"

Sweet: "Not really. I'm stuck in a cell between two lunatics. And people keep trying to jump me. This shit ain't cool, partner. You lookin' after Kendl?"

CJ: "No, she's looking after me."

Sweet: "Right, right, that's cool."

CJ: "I'm gonna get you out of there though, man!"

Sweet: "No you ain't, nigga. Who do you think you are? I'm in for life! I guess I've grown used to it now."

CJ: "No you not, man, I'm working shit out. Whatever it takes."

Sweet: "That's a negative. I'm through hoping. Have a nice life, brother."

CJ: "Hold on man, I'm getting shit worked out for you, just hang in there. Sweet? SWEET? Shit..."


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  • This is the first mission in the series that requires the player to fly to an area away from the game's map, the second being Bury the Hatchet in Grand Theft Auto V when Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa travel to Ludendorff, North Yankton.
  • If the player tries to explore Portland by going on the road, Carl will fall down through the road, and will not stop falling until he hits the water in San Fierro. However, the entire state will be invisible apart from the Doherty garage and the area immediately surrounding it. The yellow cranes in Easter Basin can be visible after Carl hits the water.
  • Deleted audio for the game reveals that Rockstar Games had intended for the high ranking Forelli Family gang member to be called Marco Forelli. However, as the audio was not used, the character remains unnamed.
  • Liberty City is technically an interior, found in the interior world, despite having an exterior look. It is located next to Carl's garage in San Fierro, but it is situated high in the sky.
  • During the mission, a Sentinel can be seen in the yard behind the bistro. It has a unique Las Venturas license plate reading "4GEDIT", probably a code for "forget it", informing the player to forget about exploring Liberty City. If the player destroys the vehicle or tries to get into it, the doors will remain intact, suggesting that it is locked.
  • This mission originally had the Forelli mobster escape by car, which would lead Carl into a car chase around Portland. The mission was changed to a basic shootout early in development. This is the reason why the majority of Portland is only partially developed with poor textures, but to a greater extent than would be required solely for the mission. It is believed that it was removed due to the DVD not being able to hold that much data.
  • The music heard inside the restaurant is Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings, Op. 48, second movement.
  • In relation to Liberty City's location on the east coast with San Andreas, which is located on the west coast, it would take approximately 5-6 hours to fly between them.
  • During the cutscene in which the Taxi arrives at St. Mark's Bistro, the Taxi will sometimes run over a pedestrian crossing the entrance to the Bistro. The Pedestrian will then get up and continue walking along the pavement.
  • If the mission Key to Her Heart hasn't been started yet, after the conclusion of this mission Carl will receive a chastising phone call from Woozie telling him to get on with the planning of the heist.
  • When the player reaches to Liberty City, they will automatically receive a Normal Pistol and if the player has a Desert Eagle or a Silenced 9mm, it will be replaced to the normal pistol.
  • Judging by the poorly detailed models and textures, they may be used as LOD when viewed from the far distance in the beta version. However, after the mission was changed, the LOD models were "attached" to the bistro and they are viewable from close distance. Also interestingly, they are recycled from GTA III.
  • If Carl somehow gains a high wanted level during the shootout, the LVPD will come out and try to finish him off. In addition, if the player has jumped onto the solid alley and goes straight to the road that the bistro is actually located, they will also see LVPD officers chasing on the road and falling down to the sea because of the interior.
  • Unused sound files exist for when "CJ101" (Carl's plane) approaches Francis International Airport and for when he requests departure from Liberty City. Also, unused sound files exist from the airport's staff allowing CJ to enter/leave the airport and panicked-sounding staff calling CJ a "maniac". All the unused sounds can be heard here.
  • After Carl says in the opening cutscene "Well I usually use these two", his hand can be seen frozen in the top left of the screen.
  • Chronologically, this is the first time in the 3D Universe that Liberty City appears as a playable setting, having only previously appeared in cutscenes in GTA Vice City which is set earlier.
  • This mission can be quickly passed if the player has completed the firefighter side mission and has a well stocked flamethrower. The flamethrower can shoot through walls and floors, so simply torch the place and all the enemies and keep moving. Note that armor wearing enemies, such as the one in the kitchen dual-wielding pistols, may take longer to die.