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Salivex is a product featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Its commercial is hosted in the in-game radio stations. The company's slogan is "Salivex, when it comes to personal dryness upstairs, were deadly serious!"

According to the commercial, Salivex is artificial saliva in a can that would improve food consumption for 50%. As part of Rockstar Games' raunchy sense of humor, the commercial has several sexual references that get "censored" with a different voice over actor.

Salivex Advertisement

Female: Do you have dry mouth?

Female #2: I thure do!

Female: It protects your teeth, fights infection, and lubricates your food... but what happens when you run out of saliva?

Female #2: Help me, I can't talk!

Female: For personal dryness upstairs, it's Salivex!

Female #3: Wow! I can spit again!

Female: Salivex is more than saliva in a can. Salivex improves consumption efficiency by 50%. No more half-way cures, like coasting your throat in cooking oil, to have that extra piece of cake, or a bowl of kitty litter!

Female #2: After a night out, my tongue tasted like carpet! It was embarrassing. Now with Salivex, I can eat a whole box of crackers, or lick my life partner's (censor in a male voice) *Stamp Collection* all night!

Male: It's like having a salivation army in my mouth! Now I can suck a (censor in a male voice) *Lollipop* for as long as I want!

Female: Salivex tastes like your own saliva - that's because at Salivex's state of the art production facilities, we use 'Salivation Philanthropists', who make Salivex all day.

Salivex, when it comes to personal dryness upstairs, were deadly serious!

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