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Salvatore's house in GTA III.

Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club is a prominent location in the Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories renditions of Liberty City. Several missions for Salvatore are accessed here. It is also briefly featured in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas short film "The Introduction".


Located atop a hill in Portland Beach, Portland, Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club doubles as the Leone Family's main hub of business and Salvatore Leone's very own home. The building features an accessible interior, a living room used for conferences, a very large balcony overlooking Portland Harbor, and a bar stocked with liquor. The interior in GTA III has a piano playing in constant loop by itself. Barricades prevent cars and trucks from accessing the patio in front. The garage has enough room to fit several cars (but is not accessible in GTA Liberty City Stories, except for one mission in which armor and weapons are available inside). On the driveway, Mafia Sentinels spawn in GTA III and Leone Sentinels and a black PCJ-600 in GTA Liberty City Stories.


The mansion is featured in a couple of  missions in GTA III where it was first seen in the mission Salvatore's Called a Meeting where the Don planned a meeting with other high ranking members of the family and was also introduced to Claude. The Don later employs Claude, first look after his wife, Maria for the evening, second to find out what Curly Bob is up to, third the Don employs Claude as a Personal favor to blow up the Cartel's SPANK ship and finally then don employs claude to take a car with a corpse on it to the crusher which turned out to be a Betrayal. The Mansion can be finnally seen in Sayonara Salvatore if Salvatore is not killed while coming out of Luigi's Sex Club 7.

In GTA Liberty City Stories, the mansion plays a more bigger role than it did in GTA III as your main employer Salvatore Leone gives you most of his missions from there.

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  • In GTA Liberty City Stories, Salvatore's office is actually located somewhere in Shoreside Vale, underground, to save loading time.


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