San Andreas Avenue is a major east-west avenue in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


It runs from Bay City Avenue, Del Perro in the west to the intersection of Mirror Park Boulevard and El Rancho Boulevard, Mirror Park in the east and through Vespucci, Little Seoul, Downtown Los Santos and Murrieta Heights.

The avenue has connections to Prosperity Street, North Rockford Drive, South Rockford Drive, Movie Star Way, Decker Street, Ginger Street, Palomino Avenue, Calais Avenue, Las Lagunas Boulevard, Peaceful Street, Alta Street, Low Power Street, Elgin Avenue, Strawberry Avenue, Sinner Street, Popular Street and Supply Street. It also runs parallel to Vespucci Boulevard, another major thoroughfare in the city.


Notable locations on San Andreas Avenue include the Vespucci Police Station and many of the tallest skyscrapers in the city, like the Maze Bank Tower, FIB Headquarters and Union Depository. The avenue is likely based on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, specifically its eastern and central parts.

Places of Interest




  • At the Intersection connecting San Andreas Avenue to Las Lagunas Boulevard, the traffic lights are glitched - upon switching the green, the amber light will turn on, returning to red, before returning back to green. This only seems to appear when standing relatively far away from the intersection.