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"Wouldn't steal me one of those cars if it was legal"
―Member of the club

San Andreas Bikers is a loose group of bikers active in the State of San Andreas. It is never revealed whether they are an outlaw motorcycle club or simply independent bands of bikers. But it is highly likely that they are at the very least a "riding club" due to the fact that they all wear the same logo on the back of their vests. It is unlikely however that they are a true outlaw motorcycle club because they lack a Club House or a full patch as worn outlaw motorcycle clubs.

The riding club (a social motorcycle club) does not have a defined territory. Members can be witnessed across the state but appear more often in Bone County and Red County. They can be seen riding their motorcycles along roads and highways or walking about as pedestrians. No members are named and very little information exists on the group. It is likely they were put into the game as a filler or had been indeed to serve as a true gang but were abandoned somewhere in development.

It is possible that the biker's gang had a larger role in the game's plot. This suggestion is strengthened by the facts, that biker gang drug dealer was cut from the final version of the game, there are two unused gangs in game files, there are unused lines of dialogue between bikers in mission T-Bone Mendez, and there is unused employee marker "MC", which could possibly stand for motorcycle club. Ability to buy biker clothes also hints, that bikers were more important for story.


Carl can bought some biker apparel in the clothes shop.

  1. Helmut (can be purchased in ProLaps)
  2. Biker Jacket (can be purchased in Victim)
  3. Leather Pants (can be purchased in Victim)
  4. Leather Chaps (can be purchased in Victim)
  5. Biker Boots (can be purchased in Victim)
  6. Black Rag (can be purchased in Binco)
  7. Silver Chain (can be purchased in Sub Urban)



  • The clothes they are wearing can be bought from Victim.
  • They appear to be fans of Love Fist since they talk about them, saying things like "Whatever happened to Love Fist?" and "I just love Love Fist".

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