The San Andreas Coast Guard is a law enforcement agency appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.


3D Universe

A boat called the Coast Guard is available in several 3D universe games including GTA San Andreas but is never manned by Coast Guard personnel.

Maritime law enforcement in San Andreas is performed by the local branches of the San Andreas Police Department in Predator patrol boats. Single officers can be found patrolling but the boats will be manned by two officers if the player has a wanted level. Although the coast guard is never directly mentioned, the Predator patrol boats will use the same police markings regardless of where the player is.

HD Universe

Coast Guard officers appear in Grand Theft Auto V where they are found patrolling around the coastal areas in Predators. Two to four officers can appear at a time in the boat. The are most commonly found around the Airport and regularly between Cape Catfish and El Gordo Lighthouse.

Engaging the personnel will incur a two-star wanted level. Killing one will escalate this to three stars.

The player can use a Coast Guard actor in Director Mode in the Enhanced version.


HD Universe

The uniform worn by patrolling officers is a navy blue shirt and trousers, waterproof boots and a high-vis orange, white and silver life jacket, with an American flag displayed on the right breast. On the back of the life jacket, it says "COAST GUARD". In the original version on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the life jacket has a Coast Guard emblem on the left breast however in the Enhanced version this is replaced by the Los Santos Lifeguard emblem.

They are also occasionally seen wearing sunglasses.

Predators that spawn after a player already has a wanted level will be manned by standard uniformed LSPD officers without the Coast Guard life jackets.




3D Universe

HD Universe

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