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GTA SA Highways

Highways, major and minor, are highlighted in red.

For the highway system in Grand Theft Auto V see Freeway in GTA V or Interstate System in GTA V.

The San Andreas Highway System is an extensive network of highways and routes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the first game in the series to have major highways. The system becomes particularly relevant in San Andreas, being a large setting with multiple cities. The system was constructed in such a way that the highways are nearly continuous, and the system extends to every county and city in San Andreas.


The San Andreas highway system encompasses five major highways, four minor highways, and four other routes. The five major highways include the Julius Thruway, Los Santos Freeway, San Fierro Highway, San Fierro Bypass and Las Venturas Highway. The minor highways include the East Beach Freeway Extension, Santa Maria Freeway Extension and Harry Gold Parkway.

Highways included in the system

Major Highways

Los Santos Freeway (Interstate 25)

The Los Santos Freeway is the longest highway in San Andreas and is modeled after Interstate 15. It begins at the Montgomery Intersection in Red County, and travels south through the Mulholland Intersection, Downtown, and then the airport. Near the airport, for a short time, the median has two guard rails on each side keeping traffic to their own side, this is due to a tunnel upon which the freeway must encounter. The expressway ends briefly in Ocean Docks and becomes a major road through East Beach. Then, after clearing the docks and a few residential home (by way of traffic lights) it becomes a freeway again, on the other side of Red County. When it nears Las Venturas, it turns and heads west towards its starting point, while staying in Red County the second time around, which makes it a looped highway.

1. Looping Road

  • Road begin: Montgomery Intersection
  • Bridge: Virginia River Bridge
  • Flyover: Red County Flyover
  • Exit 1: Red County Interchange
  • Exit 2: Mulholland Intersection (continues Mulholland and Las Colinas)
  • Exit 3: Downtown (continues Idlewood and East Los Santos)
  • Exit 4: Los Santos International (continues Verdant Bluffs and Airport)
  • Tunnel: South Airport Tunnel
  • Exit 5: Ocean Docks (continues Airport and Seaport)
  • Expressway: Ocean Docks Expressway
  • Fwy extension: East Beach Freeway Extension
  • Exit 6: North Rock
  • Exit 7: Golden State Interchange (continues Palomino Creek) > North Interstate 425
  • Exit 8: Burbank Interchange (continues Palomino Creek) > North Interstate 425
  • Flyover: Montgomery Flyover
  • Road end: Montgomery Intersection

2. Las Venturas Route

  • Road begin: Montgomery Intersection
  • Bridge: The Mako Span (Rotterdam River)
  • Exit 1: Julius Thruway South (entering Harry Gold Parkway)
  • Exit 2: Las Venturas Airport
  • Road end: Julius Thruway North

San Fierro Highway (Interstate 27)

The San Fierro Highway starts at an intersection on the Mulholland Drive in northern Rodeo, and immediately enters a tunnel passing underneath Richman. After that it passes the Flint Intersection, however this is only a partial intersection, and thus, only eastbound traffic can use it to get to Red County. The highway then turns south, going through the eastern sections of Back O' Beyond. It follows the east coast of Back O' Beyond and south edge of Flint County and Whetstone, passing a 24/7, gas station and Angel Pine, where it has two intersections servicing Mount Chiliad and the town. It then enters two short tunnels underneath Mount Chiliad and after the Whetstone Bridge it enters the southwest section of San Fierro. The expressway ends at an intersection servicing Missionary Hill to become a major road through San Fierro. The highway turns east towards the Easter Bay International Airport and has an exit to the stadium and Doherty. It finally ends at the intersection servicing the San Fierro Bypass. It is modeled after California State Route 1. There are 2 routes to San Fierro or Los Santos.

1. Highway Route

  • Road begin: Mulholland Tunnel
  • Exit 1: Flint Intersection (continues Flint Range and Los Santos)
  • Back O' Beyond Coast Highway
  • Tunnel: Back O' Beyond Tunnel
  • Bridge: Oram Bridge
  • Exit 2: Diamond Interchange (entering Angel Pine)
  • Rest Area: Angel Pine Rest Area
  • Exit 3: Angel Pine (continues Angel Pine, Whetstone Beach and Flint County)
  • Tunnel: Mount Chiliad Tunnel
  • Bridge: Whetstone Bridge
  • Exit 4: Missionary Hill (continues Missionary Hill and Ocean Flats)
  • Tunnel: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Tunnel
  • Road end: Telegraph Hill Interchange
  • Continues: San Fierro Bypass

2. Shortcut Route

  • Road begin: Flint Intersection
  • Exit 1: Red County
  • Exit 2: Fallen Tree
  • Tunnel: The Farm Tunnel
  • Exit 3: Easter Bay Chemicals
  • Tunnel: Easter Tunnel
  • Exit 4: Easter Bay Airport
  • Road end: Telegraph Hill Interchange
  • Continues: San Fierro Bypass and San Fierro Highway

 Julius Thruway (Interstate 226)

The Julius Thruway is the freeway encircling Las Venturas. Modeled after Interstate 215 and Interstate 515 in Las Vegas, it is composed of four main elements, named accoring to their general placement in the city: in the north, east, west, and south, like a beltway. It is a four-lane recessed roadway with overpass exits at relatively evenly spaced intervals. It connects to the main highway servicing the southern ends of Tierra Robada and Bone County, to the highway servicing northwestern Las Venturas and Bone County, and to the major highway connecting Las Venturas with Los Santos. Apart from the south section, the entire freeway is an expressway. The nature of the ring-road is such that, if the player is to travel by road alone, it is impossible to enter Las Venturas without traveling on it.

  • Northeast exit: Bone County
  • West exit: Whitewood Estates (continues Whitewood Estates and Las Venturas Airport)
  • Southwest exit: Blackfield Intersection (continues Las Venturas Highway)
  • South exit 1: Randolph Industrial Estate (continues Montgomery Intersection and Harry Gold Prkwy)
  • South exit 2: The Strip
  • South exit 3: Rockshore (continues Come-A-Lot and Rockshore East)
  • East exit 1: Linden Station (continues The Strip and Linden Station)
  • East exit 2: Roca Escalante (continues Roca Escalante and Creek)
  • North exit: Prickle Pine (one way to Pilson Intersection)

 Las Venturas Highway (Interstate 26)

This highway connects Las Venturas with San Fierro, based off US 95, US 395 and Interstate 80. It starts at the Blackfield Intersection and travels on the southern tip of Bone County and Tierra Robada, through Bayside and on the Gant Bridge, where it terminates in San Fierro at the turnpike. While most of the exits on the Las Venturas highway serve Bone County, Tierra Robada and Red County, there is one exit that leads to the San Fierro via the San Fierro Bypass, and another exit that serves Bayside. It is a four lane highway (two lanes for each direction) with a wide median in Bone County with concrete barriers in Las Venturas, Tierra Robada and in Bayside. All stretches of freeway go at top speed except for the stretch from Exit 4 to 7. The highway, like other countryside highways, lacks proper illumination from lampposts, with an exception at a segment in Las Venturas, Bayside and the Gant Bridge.

  • Road begin: Blackfied Intersection
  • Exit 1: Hunter Quarry Interchange (continues Red County, Fort Carson, and Octane Springs)
  • Exit 2: Fort Carson Interchange (continues Red County and Fort Carson)
  • Bridge: John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge (Vercetti River)
  • Exit 3: Robada Intersection (continues San Fierro Bypass)
  • Exit 4: South Tierra Robada Interchange
  • Exit 5: El Quebrados Interchange
  • Exit 6: Bayside Tunnel
  • Exit 7: Bayside
  • Bridge: Gant Bridge
  • Turnpike: Gant Bridge Turnpike
  • Tunnel: Bay City Tunnel
  • Road end: Calton Heights

 San Fierro Bypass (Interstate 127)

The San Fierro Bypass runs from Whetstone to Tierra Robada, it is based off US 101, Interstate 280 and Interstate 80. It runs through the city of San Fierro, beginning in Foster Valley, traveling past the Easter Bay Airport, stadium, Doherty, and downtown San Fierro, before terminating at the Robada Intersection in southern Tierra Robada. Despite primarily being a link between Whetstone and Tierra Robada, there are numerous exits on the highway serving various areas in San Fierro, to ensure that the city has access to more efficient transport. The highway is a four lane highway, with two lanes for each direction. It is mostly an elevated road except for the exit in Foster Valley, and is divided by cement divider. The northern part of the road is a suspension bridge which connects San Fierro to Tierra Robada. Unlike most other highways, traffic on the San Fierro Bypass is slow, except for the suspension bridge section.

  • Road begin: Foster Valley
  • Exit 1: Easter Bay Airport
  • Exit 2: Foster Valley Interchange
  • Exit 3: Telegraph Hill Interchange (continues San Fierro Highway)
  • Exit 4: Easter Basin
  • Exit 5: Doherty
  • Bridge: Garver Bridge
  • Road end: Robada Intersection
  • Continues: Las Venturas Highway

Minor Highways

 Harry Gold Parkway

The Harry Gold Parkway is a major road part in Las Venturas, San Andreas and is modeled after Interstate 15. The road bisects the city into eastern and western portions, and connects Julius Thruway North with Julius Thruway South. The Harry Gold Parkway is an extension of the Los Santos Freeway connecting Las Venturas with Los Santos, and terminates at The Mako Span. It services Las Venturas Airport, the Redsands West and Redsands East districts, and is only minutes west of The Strip.

  • Road begin: Montgomery Intersection
  • Bridge: The Mako Span
  • Exit 1: Julius Thruway South
  • Exit 2: Airport (continues Airport and Redsands West)
  • Exit 3: Julius Thruway North (one way to Pilson Intersection)

 East Beach Freeway Extension (Interstate 125)

The East Beach Freeway Extension begins at an interchange with the Los Santos Freeway near Downtown Los Santos. It is modeled after Interstate 5 and Interstate 10 in Los Angeles. After meeting the Los Santos Freeway, the East Beach Freeway Extension enters a depressed road cut and travels below street level where it goes until it reaches Grove Street. In between these two places, the highway has three partial exits and it also crosses under the tracks of the Brown Streak Railroad. At Grove Street, the highway raises slightly to cross over an open drainage system before heading back down to meet two two-lane roads in the neighborhood of East Beach.

  • Road begin: Downtown Interchange
  • Exit 1 (north): Commerce (continues Commerce and Glen Park)
  • Underpass: Glen Park-El Corona Bridge
  • Exit 1 (southwest): El Corona
  • Exit 1 (southeast): Idlewood
  • Underpass: Jefferson-Idlewood Bridge
  • Underpass: Jefferson-Idlewood Railroad Bridge
  • Exit 2: East Los Santos (continues East Los Santos and Ganton)
  • Underpass: East LS-Ganton Bridge
  • Road end: Saints Boulevard, East Beach
  • Continues: Los Santos Freeway

 Santa Maria Freeway Extension (Interstate 425W)

The Santa Maria Freeway Extension is a four-lane highway extension of the Los Santos Freeway. It is mainly based off California State Route 1. It begins at the Airport Interchange and travels northwest before terminating at a junction at Verona Beach, where it becomes the Santa Maria Drive, which travels through Rodeo before terminating at the Flint Intersection, connecting to the San Fierro Highway. The road travels through a short tunnel underneath the hills just south of the junction. There is a small median dividing the road in half, which is lined up by lampposts for illumination at night.

  • Road begin: Airport Interchange (Terminal 2)
  • Tunnel: Verdant Bluffs Tunnel
  • Exit 1: Conference Center (continues Unity Station, Downtown, and East LS)
  • Exit 2: Verona Beach
  • Exit 3: Rodeo
  • Exit 4 (east): Santa Maria Beach
  • Exit 4 (west): Santa Maria Beach
  • Bridge: Richman Bridge
  • Road end: Flint Intersection
  • Continues: San Fierro Highway


  • The Los Santos Freeway was originally called Interstate 45.

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