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State of San Andreas (HD Universe)

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San Andreas was the primary location of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from the 3D Universe. It also exists in the HD Universe.

HD Universe

There are numerous references to San Andreas in the HD Universe. These include characters mentioning locations, TV shows, radio, and Los Santos being the setting for Grand Theft Auto V .

As seen by character dialogues and internet sites, the city names Los Santos (including Vinewood), Red County, San Fierro and Las Venturas are still used, confirming that these locations exist in the Grand Theft Auto IV era, though it's possible that these cities, save Los Santos, are no longer a part of the State of San Andreas, and exist in the Grand Theft Auto IV era as standalone cities.


Grand Theft Auto IV


The logo of Venturas Poker Challenge.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the stats can say "miles traveled from Liberty City to Los Santos". In The Ballad of Gay Tony, it says "miles traveled from Liberty City to Las Venturas". Also, when you hear other pedestrians on the sidewalk or the street talking on the phone, you may hear them mention San Andreas.

Episodes From Liberty City

Rotterdam Cities

The Rotterdam Tower's ground level lobby in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

  • At the end of the mission Shifting Weight, Malc jokes that he and Johnny should get a room at the Jefferson Motel, a motel in Los Santos.
  • During gang wars against the Angels of Death, Johnny will sometimes yell "Go back to San Fierro!"

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

  • The in-game description of cocaine says how it can make you "party like the guys in Vinewood".

Distance away from each other

Ck ap flyus 01

Visit Las Venturas from $200.

Ck ap flyus 02

Visit Los Santos from $299.

Considering the price difference between the two (as seen in the images at right), San Andreas in the HD Universe is farther away from each other. In reality, that is true as Los Angeles is in Southern California, San Francisco is in Northern California, and Las Vegas is in Nevada, making each city more than 100 miles away from each other.

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